Letters to Antoinette: New York Edition

The Colourful Vibe of a Monochrome City

The Colourful Vibe of a Monochrome City 
Dear Reader,

Yesterday while waiting for the counter attendant to hand me my afternoon latte, somewhere around 42nd and 3rd av. I was pensively looking out of the filmy window?
People rushing.

Taxis? horns wailing
With me quietly waiting and observing the passing by strangers.
The vibrancy of the city has completely sucked me in. Still mesmerised by the huge skyscrapers that were gently touching the sky, I was now aiming to unveil what the New Yorkers? were like.
Businessmen and bankers running down the street groomed in their designer suits brushing against each other headed to their next important meeting.
?Have a great and sunny day, Miss?.
The kindly voice of the attendant walked me out of the Patisserie where I almost ran into a girl that was floating in a peaceful pace. I watched her moving gracefully and slowly with me wary not to stain her creamy coat with the coffee that was still burning my skin. And then her sophisticated monographic outfit caught my eye. The Audrey Hepburn’s heroine in ?Funny Face? slowly appeared before me, with the mysterious girl serenely walking away in her black stiletto heels and eye concealed with Chanel kitten shades.


I froze in place completely engrossed by the romantic view of this angelic figure seeking her way through the gigantic concrete buildings that were defining the surrounding scenery.
And I smiled.
Big time…when a few polite words made their way to my ears ?And that certainly is the most beautiful smile I?ve seen for the day?.
I turned my head to decipher where the sound was coming from. A polite concierge of a designer boutique bended over, taking off his hat, smiling at his turn more brightly and friendly than ever?

Yes, a girl in one gigantic city.
A petite figure surrounded by many and yet noticed only by few.
One girl walking alone and yet accompanied by overwhelming levels of friendliness and kindness.
A monochromic city, grey, huge, somewhat secluded and relaxed, and yet in all times so colourful, intriguing, and inviting?
Yes, a black & white outfit inspired by the very streets of Manhattan which I walked for the first time only a few days ago.

The outfit:

Monochromic inspiration from this season’s runaways:

1. David Koma
2. David Koma
3. Kris Van Assche
4. Ralph Lauren
5. Ralph Lauren 

Having always been a huge fan of the monochrome trend (which applies to E. as you could see)  this photo is not only a manifestation of our obvious lure towards the black & white attire, but a prelude to the Barcelona story where actually everything began.
The story which was the very reason behind my decision to move to NYC. 
A story of friendship, wild parties, and the beginning of a love story. 
The story that marked the beginning of what’s taking place today.
Stay tuned.

Flashback, Barcelona 2013; E. and A. in monochrome

Much love,

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