A. Takes Copenhagen. Chapter 1: Stressed, Yet Impressed


Okaaaaay! It happened, guys! I finally found the strength to take my clothes out of the suitcases I brought with me, to finally begin setting up a closet, here, in Copenhagen.
And you, fashion lovers, I?m pretty sure you can empathise when I say that ?cooking up? a nice closet is certainly the first step to calling a certain place ?home?
And having my stuff spread all over the floor, was anything but me attempting to settle down. It was really me acting as if I was on a cheeky trip to Denmark and enjoying a nice stay at some hotel suite.
Anyway, as I was neatly folding my clothes, I noticed a peculiar pattern.
While I do hate picking favourites, I just had to come to terms with the fact that I obviously have a favourite colour?
Yep, ‘coral’ that is!
Actually, when I think about it, I fell for it during my first stay in New York (remember myCentral Park Splashed in Coral post?).
But little did I know back then that my closet will be comprised mainly of coral pieces and the odd whites and greys to shake it all a bit.
So while I do think that my style will certainly undergo some changes inspired by the local monochrome fashion scene, I can?t see myself leave behind my ?favourite?, okay I said it!, FAVOURITE colour anytime soon.
At the end of the day, it?s all about getting inspired by the local fashion and incorporating what you like most into your style, rather than copying everything, right?
And on second thought ? monochrome doesn?t solely mean grayscale.
Monochrome might as well refer to a combination of various tones of a single colour.
So? it seems that I?ve already added a twist to the monochrome vibes of Copenhagen.
And you, do you have a colour that’s sort of become representative of your style?
Have a lovely weekend,

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