Take Away.

  I have always wanted to escape from my city. To go live abroad. To prosper somewhere else. Find my happiness there. The one thing I seemed to oversee was the beauty of my city. It’s hidden wonders that were just before my eyes. I conceived of the street signs as pointless, the communist buildings as ugly. I  just didn’t get it.

Until that day… I told my dad: Could you imagine Philip’s reaction when he first visits Sofia? He would be shocked at the sight of our old-school airport!
Dad: It’s much more difficult and impressive to succeed in an environment like this… Be proud of your surroundings. They made you who you are!

Does this have anything to do with our moving to Bulgaria? Maybe.
And he was right. Philip fell in love with Sofia. He sees the beauty where we see lack. He gets it. The history. The art. The never completed construction sites. You need to get out of here to come back and see that city with new eyes. To take away what you love about that place rather than judge it based on what it lacks.
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Pop of positivity

It’s been a crazy period. Wake up, change a diaper, breastfeed, get one ready for the kindergarten, help the other fall asleep.
Get ready for the day; work, breastfeed, diaper, eat something…. – repeat.
I woke up on Monday – next thing I see it’s already 10 o’clock on Sunday.
The time is seriously flying and I’m doing my best to be positive about it.
I want to grow as a person while also be there for my girls.
It’s been pretty tough to achieve the perfect balance, but it’s been also as exciting to go through those hectic times.
Positive attitude goes a long way in every aspect of life.
You need to work for your positive attitude – fake it till you make it.
Wear bright colours; seeks entertaining moments; embrace yourself with positive people; sing to that cheerful song.
I sometimes feel like crying too; I sometimes feel like giving up – but then I remember that my positive attitude has attracted everything I have today.

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Plus One

Siena-Philipa was born 09.09.2018. Our second daughter.
It still feels rather surreal that Philip and I are now parents of 2 and are officially adult adults! 🙂 Not that we feel that way judging by our looks! But quite frankly – I do miss my pregnant belly sometimes – weirdly enough – and the cosiness of having Siena snuggled in my belly.
But then I look at her face and I feel so grateful to have her in my arms.

I’m slowly getting back in shape. Mentally. The hormones are occasionally giving me a hard time, but I somehow manage to swish the postpartum depression off of me… I have no time for sadness or inward thinking. I have two daughters to be there for and take care of.

When I feel the postpartum depression tapping me on the shoulder I talk. I talk to Philip, to my mom. There is nothing to be ashamed of. You ARE entitled to those feelings – so get them out there. Talk about your sleep deprivation. Seek support. It’s precisely because Philip now gets the whole being a mother and not getting enough sleep that I can actually enjoy being a mother of two with a small age gap… no matter how tough it might be. He is there for me when I need him and refuses to get into arguments with me. It was a dynamic month and for now we take it one day at a time. And that’s how it’s gonna be for a while.

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A. xx


Stepping Into The New With A Question For You

I was going through my blog during the night. I couldn’t really sleep because of the upcoming labour – and the anxiety that comes with it… My anxiety tripled when I realised that I have completely abandoned writing since I launched my YouTube channel. And I was wondering whether you would like me to get back to blogging and start publishing blog posts again. 
Yesterday Philip and I went for a walk – my body desperately needed to get some fresh air as now the only activity I tend to do is walking. I quit exercising a few days ago as I could clearly feel that labour is approaching and I have no interest in forcing my baby to come out earlier. I’m already week 38 so I’m officially full-term and I’m allowed (hehe) to give birth pretty much whenever. This does not mean I will not miss being pregnant and my baby bump – so Philip and I took a few shots, probably the last ones before I actually give birth. Hooray! 
So that’s me – 9 months pregnant. Excited. Colourful and anticipating with great excitement to start on that new chapter in my life. Maybe it will be tough and overwhelming at the beginning – but one thing Philip and I cannot live without is having something exciting happening mmm…all the time. We embrace change with open arms and walk ahead with a head held high.  And because I have so much footage from my pregnancy that I never got to publish, would you be interested in reading more about my second pregnancy in retrospect?
And if not – what would you want me to write about?
Motivation? Day-to-day life? Or maybe share more outfit of the day posts?
Let me know in the comments below! 🙂


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Lifestyle Tip Of The Week

As a mother I spend way too much time cleaning, cooking, doing the washing… The completion of chores take so much of my spare time that I just had to find a way to use it more effectively. I’m just NOT born to be a housewife and while I have to get going with those stuff, I most certainly do NOT enjoy them.
So I have found a way to feel productive even when I’m mopping the floor.

Listening to podcasts 

I just love podcasts. I use literally every opportunity I get to listen to something motivational/educational – be it while cleaning, taking my morning shower, or walking to the store.

I opt for podcasts that I can learn from rather than simply get entertained. Not that I don’t get entertained while learning. That’s me. Book(podcast worm). If you are a podcast newbie start with


and I will be putting together a list of some of my favourite podcasters in an upcoming blogpost. Until then – hit me with your faves.

I’m also using wireless headphones just because it’s easy to stroll around and get on with the chores while listening to podcasts… or music. Mine are by Panasonic (here) in my fave colour. :))

And what is your tip of the week?