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A Monochrome Romper and Chantal Marie’s First Annual Summer Beauty Event

A Monochrome Romper and Chantal Marie?s First Annual Summer Beauty Event
Hey you lovely!
Do you remember the ?Colourful vibe of a Monochrome City?? Well,
yesterday I decided to go for it ? dress myself in monochrome and explore the
vibrancy of the city. However, this time not of Manhattan, but of Brooklyn.

I was invited to attend Chantal Marie?s first Annual Summer Beauty Event in the ?Beauty Bar? ? a lovely salon on Quincy Street, Brooklyn. It took me quite a while to decide what outfit to wear. To mark the first day of summer, I decided to go for a ‘summery look’ and took out of the closet a new monochrome romper by Forever 21 and the highest summer platforms I own (Aldo). To finish off the look I chose an oversized necklace by H & M and curled my hair in the way I’d normally wear it when I head to the beach.

When I got to the ‘Beauty Bar’ I hardly knew a person. And there she was – the lovely Chantal. I recognised her at the moment she smiled at me ? yes, she was wearing her biggest and most genuine smile. Her warm and inviting attitude put me at ease and I forgot that I was one of the few ?new? faces there.


When Chantal?s make-up tutorial began I couldn?t fail to notice her flawless performance. She was accentuating on the beautiful facial features of her model, teaching us how to create the ?perfect natural? look ? certainly the most difficult one to achieve. Chantal?s rippling laughter was filling in the air with her inner beauty shining bright. She was doing her art and we were curious to learn as much as we could for how to create ourselves this simple, yet elegant and sophisticated look. The photographers were doing their best to capture the ?perfect moments? under the upbeat sounds of the music played by Yazmin a.ka. DJ Yaz!


Apart from the goodie bags we received near the end which contained some of the great all natural products by ‘Kreami’s Collection‘ and custom made accessories by ‘Her Hustle’, three beautiful art pieces by Ursie Hawk Art were also given away to the guests. And I will never forget what Chantal told us near the end of her lovely event. She shared with us that it was precisely Hawk who inspired her to pursue her dreams. ‘Do that s***. You have a talent girl – Go for it!’ And she has surely done that today being an inspiring make up artist, who does her ‘art’ with passion… And you know what? When you do something with all your heart – eventually it pays off. And that’s certainly something I was reminded of on this beautiful summer day.
Thank you for the marvellous day, Chantal and good luck in your beauty adventure!

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