#LifeAsACanvas: Time to Change the Tape

A Lesson from New York City and Back to the Basics OOTD

A Lesson from New York City and Back to the Basics OOTD
A few days ago I stumbled upon an old friend and just like that while chatting about the way the last year had unfolded he ended up finding out that I?d sold my car a few months earlier. He couldn?t really digest the fact that rather than driving I was mostly walking by myself, often taking the advantage of the public transportation. Yes, since 17 I?ve spent most of my time in my car, driving around, picking up my friends from their houses and then dropping them back home.

But let me start from the beginning: 
To be quite frank with you, I?ve never really dreamt of visiting the States. However, sometimes life has its own ways to take you to places you?d never thought you?d eventually go to. And there I was, spending two months of my life in New York City, walking down its Avenues, uncovering its hidden secrets, and dissecting the unique ways of its citizens. Today, while flicking through the last OOTD photos B. took of me a few days before I left, I cannot believe the extent to which the City has actually changed me. In my last post (here) I spoke about the clique among which I?ve grown up, the shallowness and stuck-upness of us all. I was so used to driving, wearing heals, and constantly back combing my hair that at a certain point I think I actually ended up losing sense of my true self. Well, okay, candidly at a certain point I think I actually lost sense of reality. New York, though somehow managed to change that. For good.

I remember walking Downtown and enjoying the vibrant music performed by the open-minded street performers. It was so weird stumbling upon artists who were actually smiling, while doing their best to entertain, rather than simply beg for your change. I’d often sit on a bench, sipping a hot drink while observing the strangers who?d always smile in return. I recall wearing my sneakers and feeling more myself than ever before. And every time I had to attend a special event I?d simply throw my stilettos in a huge tote bag and change a second prior to my arrival. And, no, noone gave a **** that I’d be rocking a little black dress with a pair of Converse while choosing to get on the subway rather than hail a taxi.

Only after a few weeks spent in the City, I realised that
the high social expectations I?d gotten used to in my home town were way too
insignificant and superficial.
Who cares whether you?d go on a night out with a pair of sneakers, poshest dress, or a pair of ripped boyfriend jeans? Who cares whether you?d backcomb your hair, wear it down, or
put it up in a ponytail?

And when I mentioned that NYC has changed me I meant something grander than my style. I talk about the very fact that while paying too much attention on the superficial side of life, I?ve somehow ended up forgetting how simple life could actually be. The New Yorker is always in a rush, and though too busy doing his own thing he?d always share a smile, more than willing to guide you in the right direction.
And weirdly enough thought always walking by myself, I never felt truly lonely.
I actually managed to establish quite a few friendships with people I met on the subway, in coffee shops, and parks. And a New Yorker would never be bothered by your accent, rather he?d be curious to find out more about your background. He’d never get disturbed by the rat which crosses his path or the little cockroach that crawls up his spine. He?d simply shrug and get on the tram.
And today, every time I notice that I flash a stern facial expression to a complete stranger, I quickly remind myself of the cool New Yorker who’d always have some time to grant someone a smile.

And today while
chatting with M. I couldn?t help but wonder ? why are we so scared to get rid
of our masks and actually simplify the pursuit of happiness by illuminating in public a positive and optimistic state of mind?
And that’s precisely what New York taught me…
Be cool (with a pinch of hipster)! 
Smile – you might stumble upon the love of your life while floating down the road…
Be yourself! Imitation won’t surprise the New Yorker who feels the beating heart of the fashion industry every single day… your boldness and uniqueness, though, certainly will… 

To utter ‘Goodbye’ to SoHo, one of my favourite places in NYC, defined by its colourful graffiti walls, vibrant spirit, and amazing boutiques, I decided to pull off an outfit, combining signature pieces of clothing that I’d have never had the guts to previously wear together.
Well, thank you NYC for inspiring me to be bolder, happier, and certainly more lighthearted!
Thank you for reminding me that a smile would do no harm.
Thank you for inciting me to breathe out happiness and joy every time I encounter a stranger. 

Yes, happiness is a state of mind… A state of mind that is indeed rather contagious. Why not spread it around?

Boyfriend Jeans: AEO Factory Boy Jean/ Alternative: Jane Ripped Midwash Boyfriend Jean

Tank Top: Uniqlo Women Supima Cotton Tank Top/ Alternative: J.D.Y Rib Collar Tank Top
Stilettos: Ganni Marina Stiletto Heeled Shoes
Bag: KENNETH COLE REACTION Coral Smiley Mini Crossbody/ Alternative: ASOS Cross Body Bag With Snake Embossed Lock
Sunglasses: Aldo ASARECIEN/ Alternative: Angular Cat-Eye Sunglasses


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