Versatility with Body Make Up

I’m the definition of versatile. I like to change, to develop, to learn, to feel different, to look different, to try new things… And one thing I can’t cope with is stagnancy /in any sense of the word/. I might have my own style, but within it I like to experiment. To enhance my femininity, to underline my masculine traits…
But one thing I don’t like to change is the ability to be active, to multitask and be constantly on the go. I tried Triumph’s Body Make Up range to check whether it’s really so pretty and comfortable as it promises. I slept with it, did a workout in it, wore it under a tight dress and under a see-through crop top. And I loved it.  I have never felt the need to wear bras that make my breast seem bigger. And now that my breasts have also a different role – to nurse my baby – my number one priority is to feel comfortable and stay true to myself. Yep, I’m kinda done with the nursing bras… and I’m definitely somewhere between the sexy and the sporty bra. 🙂
And what about you? 🙂

Take Away.

  I have always wanted to escape from my city. To go live abroad. To prosper somewhere else. Find my happiness there. The one thing I seemed to oversee was the beauty of my city. It’s hidden wonders that were just before my eyes. I conceived of the street signs as pointless, the communist buildings as ugly. I  just didn’t get it.

Until that day… I told my dad: Could you imagine Philip’s reaction when he first visits Sofia? He would be shocked at the sight of our old-school airport!
Dad: It’s much more difficult and impressive to succeed in an environment like this… Be proud of your surroundings. They made you who you are!

Does this have anything to do with our moving to Bulgaria? Maybe.
And he was right. Philip fell in love with Sofia. He sees the beauty where we see lack. He gets it. The history. The art. The never completed construction sites. You need to get out of here to come back and see that city with new eyes. To take away what you love about that place rather than judge it based on what it lacks.
I love you, Sofia. Optical Glasses Dolce & Gabbana  from Leonardo Optics (here)
Faux Fur Jacket Mango (here)
T-shirt ASOS (here)
Jeans Stradivarius (here)
Shoes Fila Disruptor (here)


Pop of positivity

It’s been a crazy period. Wake up, change a diaper, breastfeed, get one ready for the kindergarten, help the other fall asleep.
Get ready for the day; work, breastfeed, diaper, eat something…. – repeat.
I woke up on Monday – next thing I see it’s already 10 o’clock on Sunday.
The time is seriously flying and I’m doing my best to be positive about it.
I want to grow as a person while also be there for my girls.
It’s been pretty tough to achieve the perfect balance, but it’s been also as exciting to go through those hectic times.
Positive attitude goes a long way in every aspect of life.
You need to work for your positive attitude – fake it till you make it.
Wear bright colours; seeks entertaining moments; embrace yourself with positive people; sing to that cheerful song.
I sometimes feel like crying too; I sometimes feel like giving up – but then I remember that my positive attitude has attracted everything I have today.

Bag Like by Furla /here/ from MDL Group
Outfit by MarcCain /here/
Shoes by Reebok


Sporty Retro Vibes.

There’s something about October that I just adore.  The way that the sun’s shining – not too bright, but still bright enough. The way the leaves are falling… but are also hanging onto the trees. The colours, the cosiness, the smell of that freshly baked pumpkin spice cake…
And this autumn my style is all about the sporty retro vibes.
My look of the day is fully inspired by Philip. Loose fitted jeans, casual tee, cool sneaks…and a quilted bum bag. 
Thoughts about my outfit?

Jeans by Stradivarius (here)
Sneaks by Reebok (here)
Tee by Review
Quilted Bum Bag by ASOS (here)
Bvlgari Sunglasses from Leonardo Optics (here)



Lighten it Up

I have definitely become more sporty since I met Philip. But this doesn’t mean that I don’t go for more elegant outfits once in a while… especially because I have a thing for the kitten heel.  I have also been doing some serious shopping recently, because my body has somewhat changed since I gave birth… so I’m opting now for mom jeans or cigarette pants like the ones I wear here. I’m also all in for mixing different patterns and breaking up the darker top and parka with that lighter bag by Furla and Max&Co pants.
I’m still wondering though what my style will be from now on. The options are limitless now that I no longer have baby bump to style… which means that I can go back to experimenting with my style. I have been going through my first blog posts and do miss talking about fashion and playing with it. 🙂

Do you want me to keep working on those ‘outfits of the day’ type of blog posts? Share with me in the comments below.

Outfit by Max&Co here
Bag by Furla here
Sunglasses from Leonardo Optics by Bvlgari here
Shoes by & other Stories