The Official Launch of MoG SS15 Monochrome Collection by LTA

The Official Launch of MoG SS15 Monochrome Collection by LTA 
Okay okay! It?s OUT guys!!! IT IS OUT! MakeOneGood SS15 Monochrome Collection by LTA! Do you remember the pretty hilarious behind-the-scene pics from the making of the photo-shoot that we organised at the ‘Earth and People Hotel‘ a couple of weeks ago (here)? Well, today, you?re looking at the final product and I cannot wait to hear your thoughts on it! In contrast to MoG?s previous bold, colourful and quirky 2.0 collection, this time we decided to go all the way down the monochrome lane! We were inspired by the duality of life and human nature, by yin and yang and all that it stands for. So talking about contrasts, MoG unisex tees are no longer solely divided into two different parts that form the perfect whole, but are also dyed only in black and white.
Isn’t it ironic that we tend to see life in black & white a bit too often. We regard aggressiveness as something bad and associated mainly with men, and being sensitive as something that only woman are entitled to?

With our collection we fight these stereotypes symbolically and ask you to finally embrace both your feminine and masculine side without giving a damn what society says. If you’re a boy – it’s okay to get emotional and be in tune with your sensitive side. If you’re a girl – it’s okay to be ambitious and aggressive when closing that pretty important business deal. It’s also all okay to be heterosexual as it is to be homosexual, or a drag queen. It is okay as long as you feel happy and content with that particular ‘self’.lta_monochrome_collection_for_mog4copy`

And if someone says that it’s not – then flash your biggest smile and just pass them along. Being bold enough to be the version of yourself that triggers your most genuine smile is the first and foremost step to finding happiness, and letting someone take that away from you is the last thing you wanna do. And ultimately LTA and MoG’s mission is precisely that – to inspire you live your life to the fullest without worrying what anyone else might think.

For the creation of our joint collection, we’ve used the unique dye-sublimation printingwhich ensures that the image will never crack or peel away! Also, the tees come folded in a vintage a vintage envelope made from 100% recycled paper, sealed with a custom-made wax that, which makes them the perfect gift for that special someone.

You can get your tee @ or from the LTA Shop.
However, if you really wanna stand out from the crowd, we can help you shake up the things even further by customising the tee & envelope at your request. Just drop me an e-mail at to find out more about the customisation options so that we help you create the most unique personalised gift.

Special thanks to:
Models: Borislav Atanasov & Vanessa Sinatra
Photographer: Alex Manchev 
Make Up: Marina Mladenova
Hair Stylist: Je Ja 
Location: ‘Earth and People Hotel‘ 
Post Production: Nadya Sivkova 
Lots of love,

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