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25 Facts About Me on My 25th Birthday

25 Facts About Me on My 25th Birthday 
So, today I’m a quarter of a century old. Say what!? Anyway, as I really don’t want to think about time and how quickly it flies by (as I get so freaked out, it’s kinda surreal) – today I decided to go light, bright and happy and share with you a few facts about my not-so-young self.


1. I’m 5’2” = 160 cm
2. All of my friends call me Eti … it’s pronounced ‘Ettie’ and at the age of 25 I decided to Google it! It turns out that according to the Persians – it means a ‘star’ and refers to the planet Venus and Babylonian goddess of love. No wonder why I’m so keen on the topic of love.
3. I?m shortsighted ? so if you ever see me jump behind the wheel without my glasses ? just ? DO NOT GET IN. I’m serious. Otherwise, I’m hell of a good driver, I’ve been told. AND if you disagree – I’m not giving you a lift!
4. I have sweet tooth… honestly, I even like my salads sweet.
5. I’m left-handed and have the weirdest handwriting EVER… it always ends up looking different… And when it comes to signing papers in the bank – they always make me do it over and over again  until my signature actually starts resembling the ‘artsy’ one I’ve used on my ID. So, yep, despite my 20 or so years of effort to polish it and make it all fancy and cool – they’ve all turned pretty damn unsuccessful… But, hey, that’s why I type instead!
6. I can swim, adequately, but… not knowing what’s below me – freaks me out.
7. I have Sleeping Paralysis & Hypersomnia…Fun, eh!?
8. I’m extremely ticklish – EXTREMELY!
9. I’ve been vegetarian for the 13 years
10. I’d always walk on the left side of you ? does that have anything to do with the fact the I’m left-handed?
11. I’m a snowboarder… and when I’m all geared up… I do look like a 15-year old boy. Period. Or shall I say full stop?
12. I have a serious obsession with Zumba.
13. I get paranoid whenever someone is behind me as I walk up stairs.
14. I have a phobia of sickness.
15. I cannot pick favourite things on the spot.. so after much deep thought and careful consideration I can now share with which my favourite films is: the Untouchables ? a life-changing freakin’ MUST!!!
16. I don’t have any siblings.
17. I’d always roll up my sleeves… which is why I’d normally opt for tank tops and tees.
18. Cannot dance in flats.
19. Have a very low voice… kind of husky (snapchat: antoinette.pepe) => and have no clue how to use it when it comes to singing? and no ? I can?t do the Barry White/Tracy Chapman thing. Aw, and I cannot shriek because of it… BUT I can shout – so DO NOT DARE tickle me, thank you very much.
20. Have an allergy towards cats & snow… So after spending a day in the mountains – my hands would swell, my feet would swell too… and yeah I’d just end up swelling big time, okay!?
21. When it comes to cooking ? following recipes intimidates me.. so I?m more the type of a ‘improvise, mess it all up, try again, and then make it all tasty and okay’ cook
22. I get easily addicted to one thing until I get so sick & tired of it that I have to turn my back to it completely ? don?t worry peeps ? here I?m talking things, not breathing human beings
23. I can’t say ‘No’? I shouldn?t have admitted that, should I!? Damn it.
24. The only part of my body that I?ve broken is my nose… around 15 years ago
25. I’m a hyperactive multi-tasker... yep, spending a lot of time with me could give you a headache
And as you’re now fully aware that I cannot pick favourites (which by the way is due to my indecisiveness) here you go a few extras:
26. A life of solitude? MY BIGGEST FEAR! Being surrounded by people is my happy little pill
27. I cannot hold a grudge.  I’ve tried. And epically failed
28. I find it hard to accept presents ? I get all weird… and yeah, it?s just way too cringe to watch
29. I hate maths but I?m surprisingly good at it
30. If I’m to spot a slice of lime/lemon I will eat it. So forget about putting it in your tea. It’s for me. And on my 25t birthday – you just don’t have a right to disagree 😀 <3
And now it’s your time? Don’t be shy – share some facts about your precious self!
Have a lovely day,
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  • Firstly Happy Belated Birthday! 🙂 This is a great post, i love hearing about other peoples favourites! 🙂 I cannot hold a grudge either, i find it too difficult. and i’m also extremely ticklish!

    Courtney | http://courtzmelv.com

    Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar
  • Happy belated birthday. My birthday is in June as well and I turn 29 this year. Hm, for me I have this weird obsession with uneven numbers. If I do something major like climb a mountain, I’d only do it once because doing it twice means I’d have to do it the 3rd time. Weird, I know. 🙂

    Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar
  • Happy belated birthday! Totally with you on the people walking behind me up stairs, freaks me out, completely irrational really! x


    Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar
  • What a lovely idea! Even if you didn’t stick to 25 facts 😉 hey its your birthday! Happy belated Birthday! Your sleeping sounds awful? I’d hate to have either of them on a regular basis! Your shoes are so cute. I’m so sorry you’re allergic to cats, I love them! And I promise I wont tickle you haha xxx


    Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar
  • Happy BELATED birthday.
    I love these facts because… I’m snowboarder too, and seriously ticklish.

    Jenn | jenniferjayne.blogspot.co.uk

    Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar


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