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New Year’s Resolutions … or New Year’s No Solutions

New Year?s Resolutions ? or New Year?s No Solutions
t was a few days before New Year?s Eve when B. and I were cozily seated in one of the corners in ‘Chocolate Café’ and were thoroughly (as always) reflecting on our romantic struggles and everyday occurrences .
The smell of cinnamon, freshly baked croissants, and honey roasted almonds was filling the air, and we were talking over each other, laughing, trying to come up with some original solutions to our problems. And then while deciding on our New Year?s Party outfits B. suddenly asked me ‘What about our New Year?s Resolutions?’


Well, I’ve never really been a ‘to-do-list’ person. I’ve tried to draft lists in my attempt to create the impression of being highly organised, forcing myself to neatly scribble down my plans and upcoming meetings. Numerous diaries and agendas purchased – none of which ever fully used.
Eventually, I did give up on buying them – keeping them up-to-date was simply impossible.
But B’s question really made me give it a second thought – creating a New Year’s Resolution list that  would contain all those things I’d always wanted to change in myself and in my life? Well, why not?
Be less critical towards the people you love? A good one I said to myself.
Be more decisive? Yes, I should finally learn how to make up my mind.
I took out a piece of paper and started scribbling down all that came to my mind, meanwhile sipping my latte. I looked up to check on B. and saw her daydreaming.
It was still December, the cosy December illuminated by the twinkling Christmas lights and gold sparkling balls.The ‘nostalgic’ month which brings to mind the moments that have made your belly tickle. The month of reminiscence and the month of hope. The month, which reminds you of all those chances you never had he guts to take. But then you suddenly remember January is yet to come. The new beginning, you whisper to yourself. The time when you can come up with original solutions to your problems, you can make plans and even plan to actually follow through on your plans.

It’s the 23rd of February today. Almost 2 months following the day you enthusiastically scribbled down your over-ambitious resolutions. I dare you to take out this little cheeky piece of paper and read it out loud. Come on, don’t be shy.
I did try to find mine as well, but I guess I?ve lost it the same day I actually created it. I find it quite difficult to even recall the points I added to the list. But I’m sure it was all about something grand! Or was it?
Can you recall the promises you made to yourself when you heard the New Year’s countdown?
To quit smoking? Do you smoke now?
To be more spontaneous? Did you say ‘Hi’ to the boy in the subway who caught your attention?
To lead a healthier life? How many times did you actually make it to the gym?
To stay true to yourself? Did you really agree with what your boss said during your work meeting?

The Resolutions you made only a few months ago are no solutions to the changes you’ve always wanted to make.
The 31st December lured you into the celebration hype. People preparing for the parties, beauty salons fully booked, party managers running hectically back and forth.
The night came, bottles were popped, lucky charms were pulled out of a hat, fireworks exploding up in the sky.
You bet!
With the 1st of January, however, the Festive mood of December’s all gone. And so are the promises you made to yourself.
Well, I challenge you to close your lap top and go out.
Meet someone.
Make a friend.
Throw your cigarette box out of the window.
Don’t seek attention from your ex. He is an ‘ex’ for a reason.
Stop daydreaming. Start exploring.

Stop waiting for the next ‘1st of Januar’? to start fulfilling your dreams.
You have the ‘now’ and that’s already enough to finally begin living the life you’ve always imagined.
I started and I haven’t felt this happy before.

Will you also have the guts?
Lots of love,

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