Dining out With Our Baby at Ernie Hemingway

One Year Since We Became Each Other’s ‘Life’

philipeti-copyYou are looking at the last photo we took before we left Copenhagen, the city where we met. I spent 2 years in Denmark during which I went through a time of depression, self-reflection, grief, fell in love, moved in with Philip two weeks after we met, got pregnant 3 month after, got proposed on the 7/3, became a wife, and then the mom of Sofia-Malou. It was hell of a stay!sofia-philipToday is exactly one year since I said ‘Yes’ and proudly took Philip’s last name. We’ve been through a lot since then and moving to another country is the least that’s happened to us. But the bottom line is that we are still together and happier than ever. We have both grown as individuals and I have to admit – Philip is the one who showed me that being your true self is the best way to be – no masks, no bullshit.
I used to be a cynic when it came to love.
Now I know that it’s totally possible for the love of your life to also be your lover, guardian, best friend, entertainer…and when needed biggest critic. 🙂
He is now in Denmark and I can’t wait to see him tomorrow and give him a biiiiiiig fat embarrassing kiss when I pick him up from the airport!
Love you Philip!
Thank you for being you!

P.S Details about our outfits here.

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Dining out With Our Baby at Ernie Hemingway