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A Piece Of Advice To My Birthday Self

letters_to_antoinette_road_trip copyDid you enjoy your birthday, guuurl!? You are now 26 – officially a year closer to being 30 rather than the holy 20. Ops. Apologies. I hope this hasn’t ruined your mood. But I know you can get a grip and make the age issue…just not be much of an issue.
So why have I all of a sudden redirected my attention to you, you wonder? Well, your thing is giving advices – listening to people, sharing your thoughts on their dilemmas, blah blah blah. But today I challenge you to do something else. Just for a change.
Has it ever crossed your mind to spend some time paying attention to yourself and the cravings you have?
And if you’ve tried this at least once, you would have most certainly noticed how often you go against your self in attempt to please everyone else.
Today I’ve decided to dial the wake up call that it seems to me your really need. And who knows? You might get finally reminded of who you really are and of the dreams you’ve been cooking for yourself since you were very fragile and young.
And I totally get that it’s way easier to deal with everyone else rather than yourself. It’s less painful, more entertaining and certainly educating.
But the time is irreversably ticking, while you’re marching in place. Not that nothing’s taking place. It’s just that you refuse to accept it, open your arms and embrace it.
It’s time that your priorities changed and your baby takes the first place. If that means closing one door or making a drastic change – be it, no matter how difficult it is to accept that the little one who’s still not in your hands is more important than yourself.
Oh, and last but not least, rather than wondering what other excuse to make in order to not work towards fulfilling your dream,  maybe you should, wait for it, reconsider them in the first place.
Has it ever cross your mind that it might be the very dreams you have that make you feel like that? Dreams are not a constant. We change and so do they. Then rather then mourning the dreams that are probably already dead, let them take a new shape. Get in tune with your thoughts that you’ve been shutting off for way too long to more clearly hear the words of everyone else…  completely discarding the new course of direction they have eventually taken.
I’m gonna drop you a line in a year and I hope you’ll be sporting a cheerful grin . I know how scared you are that time is so quickly  flying by. But precisely coz of that get a hold grip of the bridle and tame that wild horse ‘time’. ‘Happiness’ comes with filling in every gap in your day with something that will make those precious seconds count.

Until next June.


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  • No habia visitado tu sitio web por un tiempo, porque me pareció que era pesado, pero los últimos posts son de buena calidad, así que supongo que voy a añadirte a mi lista de sitios web cotidiana. Te lo mereces amigo. 🙂


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