24th Birthday OOTD: Where Has All the Innocence Gone?

The Story Behind my 24th Birthday – friends, love, and New York City

The Story Behind my 24th Birthday ? friends,
love, and New York City
So, it?s done. Yes, the worst thing?s happened ? I?m officially 24 (the age symbolising the double harmony of the sky and the earth – and check out the lucky charm I got – a coincidence?).

24?!? It?s actually insane how quickly time has flown by since my last year?s birthday. And here is a little fact about me ? I have this weird habit of pausing for a few seconds right in the middle of whatever I?m doing to fantasise. But not about something grand or the far away uncertain future, but about where I?ll be on the exact same day next year. 
Last year on the 9th June my girlfriends threw me a surprise birthday party. It was a lovely dinner at E?s flat with all of my closest friends there, a dinner party which put the biggest smile on my face! And exactly there, just while having some wine and delicious guacamole & Caprese salad (yes, the menu revolved around my all-time favourite dishes) I remember comfortably sitting with my eyes wide opened and yet with hearing completely muted.

‘Am I going to be with them next year? In the same city? Am I going to date the same person?? Am I going to have the same job?’ were some of thoughts that were chaotically moving around my mind.
On the 3rd June this year the girls and I went to have some sushi and drinks? It was a few days before my departure from the city for and we wanted to spend some quality time together. Truthfully, while indulging in my California Rolls and incessantly chatting (I can?t help it, I know) I didn?t even notice that V. had left the table. What I do remember thought is her voice uttering a sentence ?Well, after all we?ll be together on your birthday? with V. holding a box and doing her best to pass it on to me. 
Okay, I?m not going to lie. I was so immersed in the conversation that a genuine puzzled expression is what instantaneously draped across my face. Birthday? Me? Being at the same place? What? They are coming to NYC?


I needed a few seconds to digest the information and
comprehend that this was my birthday present. ?An early birthday present?? my
heart jumped with joy. They all laughed out loud with delight and it was just then when I saw the golden
chain that was surrounding the box ending at a petite code lock.
And then it all made sense ? the content within the box
wasn?t going to be revealed today.
I was shocked. Completely. It has never crossed my mind ?
even for a single second ? that someone -and in this occasion ?lots of ones? – would go behind my back to organise such a heart-warming surprise.
And you know, the configuration of people who were sitting with me at the table have somewhat changed since last
year’s dinner party. And that?s sometimes inevitable. With ones you get closer, with others
you grow apart, but at the end the closest ones remain. The ones who’ll always be there for you no matter how much physical distance exists between you. 
On the 9th of June I was woken up with B.?s kisses and his genuine birthday wishes… And then my hand quickly grabbed my phone where I?ve already received THE CODE; of course under the form of a riddle. Click-click-click ? my trembling fingers rolled the digits and just like that A?s box was opened. A box filled with friendship, love, and understanding. A box filled with joy, memories, and smile. A box filled with a piece of each of their souls. A box arranged and locked up with all of their loving hearts. 

A year ago, I never even imagined that our friendship would
develop and strengthen to such an extent. I never thought that we would share
with each other much more than a laugh, a story, and the
occasional tear. No, I?ve never imagined that we would have impacted each other to such an extent that our lives would end up changed for the better. Yes, all of us went through quite a few cathartic
experiences that allowed us to grow stronger, happier, and most importantly closer than
ever before.

And while typing down this text my eyelids are almost stitched together with
my mind utterly exhausted. After the whimsical surprise I opened my eyes with,
the amazing wishes I received from my offline and online friends I met through
twitter, B. took me out to dinner at this beautiful Italian restaurant ‘Felidia’ cozily
snuggled somewhere in Mid-Manhattan. He once again proved me that he
knew me far too way having come up with gifts ?epitomising? today?s ?me?. I
know you?re probably curious what they could be ? but when the time comes
you?ll get the chance to read about them in a few blog posts too.

Yes, a year ago I never daydreamed, even for a second, that
my life would have given me such a priceless present ? genuine friends, a
loving boyfriend, and an occupation thanks to which I would meet so many new & amazing people.
Thank you life for you present and Good Night NYC.


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