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Picture-Perfect Lunch and a Day of Contemplations


Picture-Perfect Lunch and a Day of Contemplations
How could you not turn into a foodie when you live in Copenhagen? Well, you can’t, as simple as that. And honestly, since I moved here I’ve been eating all these things that I’d normally never eat.. like this picture-perfect tuna sandwich that I had just before I went to pick up my parents from the station. Yes, they’re visiting me and will be staying in Copenhagen for a week. It’s been 5 months since I last saw them and even though I’ve dedicated a lot of my time in travelling (over the last 5 years) it’s never been the case of not seeing them for that long.
I’m overly excited that I’ll be able to spend some quality time with them and finally share about all that’s changed for me recently. And let me tell you – my life’s turned upside down. I’ll be telling you more about all that’s taken place in an upcoming post, as now I’m off to meet up with them, get a bottle of wine and just have some fun out in the City.
Yep, that’s how it is when your parents are more of your friends than anything else.
Lots of love,

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