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Urban Boho Chic OTTD: Maxi Dress & Denim Jacket


Urban Boho Chic OTTD: Maxi Dress & Denim JacketHey you lovely, how are you? On Sunday my mom and I went for a walk. As I?m going abroad in a few days I thought we should spend together as much time as we possibly could prior to my departure.

Maxi Dress: Forever 21/ Bangles and Oversized Necklace: H&M/ Bag: Miu Miu/ Denim Jacket: Independent Boutique/ Sunglasses: Ray Ban/ Ballerina Flats: Forever 21 

Some find it quite bizarre how in many occasions I?d rather spend an evening with her than go out partying with friends. And I admit that it does seem quite odd. The thing is ? I?ve never considered her my ?mother?. Since I was quite young we started getting closer and closer to each other talking about life and mulling over our life encounters? But it was really only when I went to do my degree abroad that we really bonded. Every time I went home for a holiday we?d spend countless of hours together, walking around the city, shopping, having lunch and talking. Yes, talking, talking, and talking. And you know, I?ve never felt uncomfortable sharing details about my personal life while she?s never felt the urge to judge. She?s instead respected my decisions, always giving me her opinion when I sought advice without ever trying to impose it on me.


She was there for me at times when the only thing I felt was suffocating numbness.
She was there for me to point me out the ?spark? when all I saw was ash.
Are we close to each other because of our small age gap?
Are we close to each other because of her and my dad?s hippie past?
Because of their free-spirited lifestyle and open-mindedness, which defined them back in the day while still influencing them today?


Well, I guess these are a few of the reasons why we communicate in such a friend manner… why we do ?get’ each other. Yesterday, on my mother’s birthday, while flicking through the photos she took of me on Sunday I stumbled upon one in which I was seated on the grass picking daisies and cheerfully laughing. I ran to the cupboard and took out some vintage Polaroid photos of her and my dad.


I stared at them… With my maxi dress, vintage denim jacket and boho bangles I suddenly realised how much I looked like her. Like the S. who was floating around the city with her loose curly hair, oversized jumper, and hippie sandals; the same S. who was breathing in the spring air and breathing out harmony and love. A few years ago I?ve never imagined I?d actually visually resemble her so much today. But as individuals? Well, we couldn’t be more different than what we currently are, and you know, lovely? I can only hope that soon enough I’ll start resembling her as a person too, gradually learning to illuminate calmness and serenity rather than impulsiveness and impatience… Slowly finding a way to respect the choices of others rather than criticise them, to always think before I speak.


But similarly to the way I’ve never thought I’d ever be willing to go for this urban boho chic look…
I guess it’s still quite difficult for me to notice the change that’s hidden just behind the corner. All I need is a bit of patience and willingness to open up my hands and embrace it. She’s inspired me to do so and all I have to do is actually go for it. And who knows? Probably one day this style will also become definitive of me as a person?

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P.P.S. Which is the style which defines you the most?

With all my love,

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