Turtleneck Pink Dress & A New Me Slowly Emerging

Mint Lace Dress and The Prom of S.

Mint Lace Dress and The Prom of S.

How did your weekend go? On Saturday I was invited to attend a pre-lash prom party of S., the daughter of my parents? closest friends. Her brother and I were raised together with our birthdays only a month apart.
When S. was born we were already 5. Though G. and I were still little children, she was the one we were taking care of. She was growing up in front of our eyes and now staring at the past, I cannot comprehend where it has all gone.
Our childhood. The bliss. The simplicity. The innocence. The genuineness of our playful laughter.
I was just about to choose my outfit for the event and though I intended to wear an elegant dress in dark blue, my hand reached for something else. Suddenly, I was facing the mirror wearing angelically looking knee-length lace dress in mint, nude pointed stilettos, and a purse and bangles in a matching colour.

I clenched my eyelids shut and there I was again… sitting in the stairway of my grandparents? summer house, tying my shoe laces and hearing G?s voice at distance ?Come on! Hurry up?. And then the racing commenced. We were running around the meadows, chasing each other, laughing out loud, playing with the dogs, drinking from the spring. S. was also there, trying her best to keep up with our fast pace, begging us to wait. But we never did. We never tried to slow down ?time?. Rather than patiently waiting we always seemed to be in a rush. She was 10 and still enjoying her childhood, and we? We were 15 and already in high school.
When I opened my eyes I found myself sipping white wine and waiting for S. to come down the stairs. And there she was stepping down graciously in a pair of metallic gold stilettos, wearing an elegant gown in pale mint (yes, my outfit matched hers), and flashing her biggest smile. The five-year difference between us slowly melted away. We are all adults now. G. and I were always in a hurry begging time to go faster and today we are all the same. Yes, we couldn?t wait to go to high-school, party hard, make new friends, find ?the one?, and then do all of that once again in some prestigious University somewhere around the world.

 Dress – New Yorker/ Nude Stilettos – Forever 21/Bangles – Aldo/Purse – Parfois 

At the age of almost 24 we both realise that all of that has turned into a nostalgic blissful memory. I cannot help but recall what my father kept on repeating all along my teenage-hood  ‘Enjoy these years as much as you can! Enjoy school! Enjoy every minute of it as it will all be gone in the blink of an eye.’ And though back than I was mocking his ‘nonsense’, with the passing of the years his words have slowly turned into my maxim.

Don’t rush. 
Don’t beg time to speed up its course.
And while ‘drafting’ your ambitious future plans, hold on for a second, smile, and most importantly ENJOY. Yes, enjoy exactly this moment with your mother, with your best friend, with yourself. As, you know, plans can always be re-drafted at a later stage, but these precious moments… no, you’ll never be able to bring them back. 


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