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Ripped Jeans OOTD and The Freedom To Be


Ripped Jeans OOTD and The Freedom To Be
Happy Sunday lovely!What have you been up to this weekend? My weekend? Well, mine started oddly. I was wandering around the city on Friday, wearing the most uncomfortable and overly feminine dress I own, and yet being absolutely determined to get myself a few more of that kind.


Outfit: Pull & Bear Ripped Jeans, Crop Top, Scarf/ Stradivarius Sneakers/ Ray Ban Sunglasses/ Michael Kors bag/ Vintage Accessorise 
I was walking in and out of boutiques digging through the
racks trying my best to stumble upon the pieces I?ve envisaged.With every passing minute
I was getting more and more annoyed. All I could find was one big ?nothing? and
miserable enough I stepped back on the streets to only notice my toes
completely numb. Well, the overly tight ballerina flats were not the best idea
for spending a day out around the busy city. And then the first drops of rain rolled down my cheeks. A
second later it was raining cats and dogs and I could do nothing about it. I?d
earlier carelessly forgotten my umbrella in a cab and there I was gradually getting
soaked to the skin. The passing-by strangers were rushing down the road with me
standing still and observing the scene in bewilderment.

What were they scared of? Were they scared of ruining their
shoes? Clothes? Were they scared of getting a fever? Were they scared of the
water itself? What were they scared of? What ARE we scared of? And there I was, walking slowly, mulling over my decision to
wear such an uncomfortable outfit? Was I trying to answer the social
expectations of being a ?lady?? Was I really doing that? Well, sort of.

Over the last few months I?ve noticed that the qualities I’ve been displaying in public are what society would deem as stereotypically ?masculine? ? acting as an overly strong, ambitious, and opinionated human being. I did hear people
mocking my behaviour so I guess at a certain point concealing my ?self? under lace and pinky dresses, high stilettos and overly tight
ballerina flats was my way of coping with the reappearing comments.

And I took off my flats. A lady wouldn?t do that would she?

But who cared?
I needed to set myself free.
From all the expectations.
From all the thoughts.
I was sick and tired of trying to please everyone around.
All I wanted was to run and enjoy… Enjoy the smell of the rain and the freshness of the air.
The next day I woke up early to go and grab a coffee with
V. before our Saturday workout. I cheekily smiled at the image I saw in the mirror. A cheerful girl was smiling back at me, wearing ripped Pull & Bear
jeans, crop top, and a pair of platform sneakers in pink.
‘Will I be considered a lady?’ she quietly asked…
‘Probably not’ I replied back.
But, you know, what mattered most was that she could consider herself free. Free to BE. 
I was breathing in an out and all I could sense was the feeling of blissful freedom slowly filling up my lungs.
And you know, lovely, it?s not about the clothes you wear, it?s not
about whether you choose to display your feminine or masculine self, it?s not about the colour or the item,
it?s about BEING yourself and allowing yourself to enjoy the taste of the most priceless things of all – your freedom. 
Your Freedom To Be. 

P.S. Recently a new challenge was announced on Letters to Antoinette #LTADARESU. All you have to do is comment below 1 / or drop me an email with your details if you’re willing to join the other ‘darers’ in a whimsical adventure to a healthy living transformation. The most engaged ‘darer’ will win a pair of lovely Nike Air Max (the colour and size of their choice). 


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