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Suede Meets Denim.

letters-to-a-familyOkay it happened! Philip and I spent an hour all by ourselves!

His mom was in town and she volunteered to take care of Sofia-Malou while we were strolling around the city hand-in-hand without having to worry whether the little one would wake up and seek the book hehe.

This was the longest time I’ve been away from her and it went great. The two of them were having so much fun that I don’t even think she’d noticed my absence!
So far so good, but still can’t help but feel a bit anxious regarding the transition of me looking after Sofia 24/7 and having someone to look after her occasionally. I wish we had initiated the process a little bit earlier, when she wasn’t as aware of me, because now it’s gonna be a bigger struggle for both of us to let go and learn to spend time without each other.
I guess when we go to Bulgaria it will be easier with Philip having a more flexible schedule. He’ll be able to help me out much more and be with Sofia when I have to go to seminars, meetings and blogging events. letters-to-a-coupleHim: D-Struct Faux Suede Shirt (here) // Alternative Hollister Check Shirt (here) // ASOS shirt here // Jeans Tiger of Sweden (here) Shades Berenford (here)

Her:  Alternative Won Hundred (here) // Hilfiger Denim Jeans (here) // SWEATSHIRT BY ASOS (here) // Shades (here)letters-to-a-denim-on-denimletters-to-a-denim-jacketOur plan is to move to Bulgaria around mid-May and if everything goes according to plan in a week the apartment we currently live in will no longer be under Philip’s name.


Normally, I get pretty hyped up when it comes to changes… but this time I’m the cautious one constantly asking questions and wondering whether we’ve made the right decision.

Maybe my mommy instinct has kicked in and I’m thinking in terms of what would be the best for Sofia. And then as I said the other day – it doesn’t matter where we are as long as we are in tune with our driving desires!

If we love each other and are in peace with ourselves – then Sofia will get the positive vibes and feel the same!

Like a mirror – when she sees us smiling she reflects happiness 🙂 When we’re gloomy and sad, she gets all agitated and cries until she gets our attention.

Okay, I went a lil bit off topic.. But that’s also the first time I’m featuring Philip in here! Which is very exciting for me. You’ll be seeing much more of him from now on. It’s a sealed deal!letters-to-a-denim11And you? Do you remember when you spend your first alone time with your man after giving birth? And what about our outfits? Yay or nay?


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