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The Rhythm of the Urban Floral-Chic

The Rhythm of the Urban Floral-Chic 
Hey angel,

Can you feel the vibe of Spring yet? Well, I know it?s quite difficult to switch to a ?warmer? mood when the weather still evokes feelings of gloominess and discontent.
However, while flicking through the images of the latest runaways for a moment
I felt as if I was lying somewhere near the Garden of Eden, mesmerised by the
graceful dance of the butterflies, flapping their wings around flamboyant


1. Mary Katranzou 
2. Antonio Marras 
3. Mary Katranzou
4. Elie Saab
5. Alberta Ferretti 

The sharp sound of a passing by electric tram swiftly took me out of my daydream to only make me remember that I was still somewhere in the city and not in some angelic land. This season?s catwalks had somehow managed to carry me away to a place where spring was simply never-ending. Elie Saab, Mary Katranzou, and Alberta Ferretti are only a few of the many who have neglected the snowflakes and rain drops to shower their models with flowers. As artists, designers have managed to paint their own ?signature weather?, with this year’s spring and summer seemingly more colourful and enticing than ever.

The bodies of the models swathed in flowers.
Large 3D flower petals sticking out of quirky dresses, and the boys ? they weren?t left behind with their bodies also all in floral. Femininity and masculinity have yet again been assembled into one complete whole ? yin and yang ? the two sides of the same coin.
Though the first images that caught my eye have captured the female models in overly elegant and tender attire, it was really Gucci and Dries Van Noten?s designs that kept my attention. Completely discarding the stereotypical ideas of what means to be a girl or a boy, both designers have employed similar floral patters to create their male and female collections.


I closed my lap-top and started digging through my closet. Ah! Voilà . A few days earlier I?d purchased a floral dress from Bershka? Frankly, as I?m not a huge fan of the floral and overly feminine pieces, I wasn?t sure whether It was worth spending any money on in. Well, being an impulsive buyer (yeah, I know) I got it at the end, without really thinking that I?d ever actually wear it. Thank you Dries Van Noten for inspiring me to dig this piece out of my wardrobe and create a complete look around it.

It was a Sunday and I was just about to step out on the urban street ? well, why not adding something edgier that would better correspond to my not so feminine personal style?
Suede wedge ankle boots (with a concealed wedge? how cool is that!) denim jacket, and a leather bag were my choice. 

What better than pulling off an Urban Floral-Chic look when I was just about to join the rhythm of the city?
Denim Jacket –  H&M
Suede Ankle Boots – Stradivarius
Floral dress – Bershka
Bag – Miu Miu
Lucky Charm Bracelet – Accessorize

What will be your floral look?

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Lots of love,

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