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Rock this pastel

Rock this pastel
Hey angel,
This year is all about the soothing pastel, quirky floral, and extravagant colour combinations (think pink shirt and orange skirt). Today, however, the focus will fall on the milky colours as this is the trend that I wouldn?t really go for when I think of adding some new garments to my wardrobe.
However, yesterday as I was wandering around the shops I couldn?t
fail to notice the excess of clothes in pastel colours. ?Well, why not?, I said
to myself and started trying some pieces in neutral pink, yellow, green, and blue.
Weirdly enough, the only colour that really went with my skin tone was the pastel
green (hemlock) which I?ve never really had the chance to wear before.

My curiosity pushed me to research the way in which the top high-end designers were incorporating the whole ?pastel thing? into their
collections. And I wasn?t really surprised to see that the looks were almost always overly
feminine, gentle, and ethereal. When the models were not in pastel, they were simply
dressed in floral.
1. Oscar de la Renta 
2. Max Mara 
3. Rachel Zoe 
4. Burberry Prorsum 
5. Emanuel Ungaro
While trying to discover “the look” that I could potentially pull off through integrating
one of my new shirts in pale green, my attention was suddenly caught by a little photo in the corner. It was from Lanvin?s SS’14 Male Collection, and I leaned forward to identify the person in the photo. Was it a girl or a boy? I
clicked on the image to enlarge. The model was dressed in neutral grey and the
overly skinny legs, lantern jaw, and bony arms immediately made me bristle.
Yes, ?it? was a boy, though his whole look shouted the complete opposite. I leaned back on the sofa with my thoughts running wild.
While women were dressed in pastel, feminine colours, the boys? overall look
went beyond what you and I would regard as feminine. They were captured rocking
the catwalk in pink shirts, neutral grey shorts, shorter than my mini skirt,
carrying in their hands oversized or clutch bags. I guess it won?t take too long really before girls start borrowing their boyfriends? accessories for a night out.
The androgynous look has surely won the hearts of some
high-end fashion designers like Lanvin and Jil Sanders, who have completely gone
for the sex-less look of the models ? skeleton skinny, lacking any gender
identity, and rocking the overly ?feminine? attire they?ve been asked to wear backstage.
According to the conventional understandings of gender identity –
pink is for girls, and blue is for boys. Though with time this outdated idea
has been slowly changing, today it seems that the lines between what means to
be feminine and masculine, and in this sense, a boy and girl, have been completely crossed by some designers within the industry. Well, it?s kind of bizarre knowing that in a
few years? time the boys and girls will be swapping clothes, in?it?
And again, having in mind our different body structure as
human beings ? this seems kind of unnecessary. I do believe that girls and boys shouldn?t be judged based on
their individual choice of colour and style. I do believe that everyone is free
to express their identity through clothes without being wary of their choice. However, going as further as completely masking the identity
of boys through dressing them with garments that are (stereotypically) overly feminine
and quirky is a step that I don?t think anyone is ready to handle just yet.
And if you wonder why I?ve been talking about the choice of
Lanvin and Jil Sanders? Well, boys, I?m pretty sure that when you found out that I was going to blab about the pastel the only thing that flashed before your eyes was your girlfriend?s summer dress. Well, the thing is that you don?t
have to go as far as Jil Sanders and Lanvin to wear the pastel
too. Armani and Dolce and Gabbana have created unique
Spring/Summer 2014 male collections, which are not only sophisticated and chic,
but also very very sexy. And
yes, I ensure you that by adding some neutrals to your wardrobe and shaking up the things a little bit you will be surely attracting some more female attention.
1. Dolce & Gabbana 
2. Giorgio Armani
3. Giorgio Armani 
4. Emporio Armani
5. Emporio Armani  
And for you ladies, I?ve chosen an outfit, inspired
by Emanuel Ungaro?s Collection which incorporates Hemlock in more urban chic
way, further breaking the stereotype that pastel means feminine. 
So ladies, I suggest we also ?Rock? the street, by adding
some bold leather elements to the soothing green. Think leather biker jacket, quirky rings, ripped jeans (phew, finally came up with a solution for wearing pastel without feeling inadequate in it).
Leather Jacket: Viparo Black Premium Cow Hide Leather Moto Biker Jacket CS2: For more info click here
Shirt: Warehouse ? Mix Panel Shirt: For more info click here
Jeans: Pull & Bear ? Ripped Skinny Jeans: For more info click here
Boots: H&M Ankle Boots – For more info click here 
Bag: Oliver Bonas Konstantine Leather Slouch Bag: For more info click here
Sunglasses: Vintage Round Black Cat Eye Sunglasses: For more info click here
Bracelet: Mulberry Double Wrap Tubular Bracelet – For more info click here
Ring: Kelly Wearstler Cubist Ring: For more info click here
Nail polishes: 
Butter  London: Union Jack Black Nail Lacquer – For more info click here
Deborah Lippman “Flowers in her hair” nail polish – For more info click here
Well, ladies and gentlemen, take your pastel piece and rock it in the way in which it will strengthen your identity and help your personality shine through. Incorporate the pastel in your amazing style, rather than doing the reverse. Make yourself stand out. Feel comfortable in your own skin by taking bits and pieces of what?s ?in right now? without really replicating what you see on the catwalk.
You ready for a splash of pastel?
Lots of love,

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