Suede Meets Denim.

Styling It Up.

letters-to-a-vintage10I can’t even remember when I last wore dressy clothes. Maybe on Christmas Eve?
But then would it make any sense to be all glamorous and cool for my daily trip to the grocery store? I don’t think so.
Becoming a mommy means learning to multitask big time. Thankfully, I’m pretty good at it. I can make myself look presentable even with Sofia in my arms…so in my case it’s not really about that. It’s about the fact that my daily routine has changed so much that it’s more of a struggle than pleasure to stick to my old ways. I can’t even imagine taking the train to the city with Sofia – the wagon, feeding her among all those other people… No no. It’s just not me. I’d rather meet up with my friends here in Lyngby than go to a nice cafe in the city. Have I been possessed or something!?letters-to-a-vintageShirt by WEEKDAY (here) // bag by LEO WULFF (here) //Jeans by LEVIS (here) //Shades by LE SPECS (here) //  Boots by DIVINE FACTORY (here)

Anyway! Thankfully Lone visited us and we used the occasion to take long walks, talk about life, shop and just spend some enjoying each other’s company. I also decided to dress up a bit and take a bag with me. A BAG? Yes, a bag. Over the last six months I’ve been using Sofia’s huge bag for my personal belongings… And no THAT IS  SO NOT ME. Just the practical mommy in me. hehe.letters-to-a-vintage12letters-to-a-vintage7Anyway, I decided to walk my Leo Wulff bag, as I’ve hardly had the chance to wear it since Philip gave it to me. And I’m telling you – it might be a little thing, but it did make me feel good about myself! I styled it with a pair of ripped jeans, oversized shirt that I knotted, and my new favourite shades that turns out Nikolaj Coster-Waldau also likes a lot!
We were just about to enter our building when we stumbled upon him (apparently he is our neighbour when he isn’t shooting a movie in LA). He’s already passed us by when he said in Danish ‘Wow, I must admit – that’s the coolest pair of glasses I’ve seen’.

Only if he knew that I’d bought them from ASOS at a price of 10 dollars. Even cooler, eh?

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