Our Last Walk Down Lyngby Hovedgade

Road Trip Outfit

letters-to-a-travellingWith the flat out of the picture, as well as Philip’s job, we’re all ready to dedicate plenty of time to travelling. We’re starting off our journey at his mom’s place, up in Jylland, before we hop on the plane to Bulgaria.

letters-to-a-travelling1Sneaks by Reebok (here) // Nudie Jeans (here) // Sunglasses by Quay Australia (here) // Rose Carrara Cream watch by Abbott & Mosley (here) // Alternative to my bag by Polo Ralph Lauren (here) // White Tee Franklin &Marshall (here)

It feels so damn good to know that now we have the opportunity to do exactly what we want with our lives. And since I’m a travel junkie, I will be taking Philip on some pretty marvellous adventures from now on I’ve decided. Hence my big smile!
Hopefully, we’ll be travelling quite a lot that summer, something that I haven’t really done since I moved to Denmark! P. and I had promised each other to correct that as soon as we reach Bulgaria … but I will be telling you more about our travel plans when we touch down in Sofia.
And about my outfit? A road trip calls for an undressed look – a pair of comfy jeans, sneaks, cool shades and messy hair.
Do you have any plan to travel in the foreseeable future?

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Our Last Walk Down Lyngby Hovedgade