Embracing the Transition with a Spring-Fresh Look

Perfectly Aligned

letters-to-a-mommy-duty6Yesterday I put on my high heels and went for a walk with Sofia. Awwww, I missed that casual-chic city look!
Since I moved to Copenhagen my style has changed a lot. I have matured and so has the way I wear my new identity. Plus, it’s almost impossible to stumble upon anyone wearing stilettos in daylight here, which probably explains why everyone who crossed my path had a question mark on their face.
But who cares? Now that Philip and I live a little bit closer to the city, why not go back to my city self?
My biggest mistake during my stay in Copenhagen – I did my best to fit in. I tried to make Danish friends and to wear myself as Danish.letters-to-a-mommy5

Miss Selfridge Jeans (here) // Shirt by Monki (here) //Ralph Lauren Coat (here) // Alternative to my stilettos Kendall and Kylie Abi Suede Court Shoes (here) // Alternative to my sunglasses Quay Australia (here) // Baby Wagon Bugaboo Buffalo (here)

It didn’t work.
As much as I didn’t want to admit it – here I will always be the foreigner. My danish might improve and I might way too often opt for the monochrome looks, but it’s in the way I do things that I will always be the girl from Eastern Europe.
I have finally accepted that, after moving from one country to another in hopes of finding a place under the sky that would feel right.
But if you don’t feel comfortable in your own skin, no matter how much you try no place has the power to make your feel satisfied.
But now I know – a Cosmopolitan – that’s what I am. I belong to the world and I have no need to put roots down one single place. And Philip made a decision that’s in perfect alignment with my biggest desire – TO EXPLORE.
And you?
What’s your biggest desire and your look of the day? 🙂

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