letters-to-a-perfect-copyNo I’m not Perfect, but I’ve done my share of trying.
Perfectionism  – my biggest excuse and reason to complain.
‘I have no time to write and do my online studies. I have to clean before I can sit down and get some … done.’
I believed myself for a long time. I prioritised dealing with the physical trash and piling up the mental one. The less I blogged and read the heavier the burden in my chest felt.

It was me postponing the inevitable – facing the results! It’s easier to live in blissful oblivion than fail, right? And then you can always justify it – with ‘Well, I haven’t had enough time on my hands to work hard, so of course I didn’t do my best’

Over the last week I’ve been working on my projects and kinda left the flat do its thing.The fact that we’re moving all of the sudden lifted a lot of pressure off of me. We’ve slowly begun packing and with that the flat is no longer at its best. It bothered me for a while, but then I managed to make myself blank the surroundings and actually focus on my work.

A few hours late my heart was pounding inspiration. Because motivation and inspiration come with ACTION. It’s surprising how much my days have changed since I began getting my work done before doing the chores.

It’s a hot mess here and so am I up until noon.
But it’s liberating – the thought of being perfectly IMPERFECT…and allowing myself to be human.
I’ve been referred to as perfect – because that’s what Social Media does. It highlights the colourful moments, brightened up and underlined with the appropriate filter. But that little chunk of my day is not MY DAY.

Now that I also have to be a mother, I get freakin’ puzzled when I receive questions like:
‘How do you manage it all? Seriously, I wouldn’t be able to handle so many things at ones’.

But you can – because all you need to do is prioritise.
When I’m offline that’s exactly when I’m striving for perfection and hence procrastinate.
That’s when I fail to get my priorities straight and try to juggle it all by actually dispersing my efforts doing everything and nothing all at once.
And the 21st century woman that’s more of a SUPER CREATURE than HUMAN is a threat to the sanity of our society.
It’s put pressure on you, on me, and has created an imagine in our man’s heads that we can be successful at work, exemplary mothers, Cinderellas, entertainers, fun to be around.
I was also trying to live up to those expectations, I still kinda do. But then now I’m aware of that 21st century disease and I’m all in to beat it.

Striving For Perfection Kills You Motivation
Divorce PERFECTionism
Embrace ACTIONism.

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