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Tiffany Decoded: Chapter 1 – The Swap!

Tiffany Decoded: Chapter 1 – The Swap!
A few months ago I got that sudden jolt of inspiration and began working on ‘Tiffany Decoded’ – a fiction book that I was planning to write since … forever. So today the first chapter’s going live (*3rhfhklxfv!!%! yep, that’s how I feel at the moment). Make sure to be as honest as possible in the comments below so that I know whether such a 2.0 book would be of any interest to you. Why 2.0 you wonder? Well, a short chapter will be going live every other Tuesday on LTA so for now it’s gonna be a book within the blog. Join Tiff’s journey and I really hope you have fun <3

Chapter 1 – The Swap!

She?s been told that the closest thing to a human being is the onion.

The true self is the core hidden beneath numerous layers, made of the masks we put on before we face each day, made of all the experiences we?ve ever been through, made of all the feelings and emotions we?ve ever had.

She stuffed the last few items into her suitcase. She knew she had to take care of the rest of the luggage too. Somehow she had the weird feeling that she wasn?t coming back. Or at least not to that particular flat.
She was surprised that she couldn?t care less ? neither for the objects nor for the person she was leaving behind. It?d gotten to a point where a day more spent there would?ve led to a meltdown.
And it seemed that running away was really the one & ONLY way.
At least she?d learned her lesson: pretending to be someone she wasn?t in hopes of pleasing her boy, was worse than being herself and pushing someone forever away.
And just as she was zipping her suitcase, she remembered that there was one last thing to add. She ran to the bathroom and dissected her reflection. It?s been ages since the last time she got a glimpse at what was hidden beneath the copper mask.
Her fingertips ran over the metal until they finally reached her soft pale neck.
It was about time really.
She shut her eyes and felt her lungs filling up with air.
?Come on, Tiff, 5-4-3..? The rush of adrenaline made her whole body shiver.
As she was plucking off the mask she could feel her skin protesting. She couldn?t care less whether she?d be left with a few ugly wounds. All she wanted was to feel her face light and unrestricted again.
A loud shriek boomeranged from the walls back to her ears. Had that sound come out from her mouth?
And there it was, standing right before her, a little girl piercing her with a set of untainted eyes. There was no way that girl was leaving that flat without anything to guard her.
The suitcase!
Like the uncontrollable hands of an addict, hers were now feverishly digging through the clothes.
And there it was! Neatly folded in a patchy cloth.
She placed it back right where it belonged and ran back to the mirror to check whether it was all in place. Apart from the few scratches here and there from when she?d worn it last ? it all seemed okay.
She felt strong and beautiful again and all ready to conquer the day.
The next thing she knew, she was snuggled under the duvet back at her flat, firmly squeezing her eyes shut. The jet-lag had sucked the energy out of her body and her thoughts were running wild. If only she could force her mind go blank?
And just as she drowsing, her alarm went off. She got out of bed still baffled from the flight and jumped right into the shower. And with the warm water streaming down her face, she couldn?t really tell whether there were also tears rolling down her sides. The heavy metal on her face had already numbed all of her senses.
?Get a grip now, Tiff!?
Her phone kept on buzzing, reminding her how late she already was.
She put on her favourite jumpsuit and tucked all of her hair up. There was no time to do her make up? ?Only a tiny bit of concealer? she murmured to herself, to hide the traces of fatigue that also hinted at all that had taken place before she gathered up enough strength and finally decided to leave.

Art by Dasha Pliska – make sure to check out her mesmerising pieces here.


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