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Inspiration is ‘You’

letters-to-a-arhusThe sun decided to pay us a visit while we were strolling down the streets of Århus!
One of the most beautiful cities in Denmark, if you ask ME, which any proud Copenhagen-er (I did not just say that) would immediately argue against. But hey, I’m not Danish so I don’t really have a deep sense of belonging to The City.
But the thing is – Århus inspired me. I could definitely see myself waking up here, taking long walks with Sofia, observing the people, writing at cosy cafes, and enjoying the beautiful scenery and cosy vibes. And yes, I do have a feeling that one day we will own a flat exactly here.letters-to-a-arhus1-copyWhite Shirt by Zara, alternative by D Brand (here) //  Mohito Pants (here) and Alternative (here) // Sunglasses by Quay Australia (here) // Reebok Sneaks (here) // ASOS Mini Velvet Backpack (here) // Rose Carrara Cream watch by Abbott & Mosley (here)letters-to-a-arhus18letters-to-a-arhus6There is only one little issue – I struggle with writer’s block way too often and I’m pretty good at justifying it with the fact that I’m lacking enough versatility and hence  need a change of scenery to derive some fresh inspiration from. Then I can’t help but wonder  – would I get bored of Århus  if I were to live in that marvellous place?

If I have to be honest with myself… the answer would  be ‘Yes’.
‘Inspire Others’ has been my motto for a long long time…a motto that has put more pressure on me than anything else.


How would I be ever able to continuously inspire others if I fail to nourish my own inspiration?Travelling is indeed my driving fuel, but so is the conversations I have with people and even mundane activities like having a cup of warm coffee out on a little bench in the middle of winter.

Inspiration is everywhere. Inspiration is YOU.

All you need is determination to BE IT, see it…and remind yourself that to discern it – you need to keep an eye out for its magic.

With that said, I’m now less terrified from the thought of heading back home. I left Bulgaria hoping to find the ULTIMATE INSPIRATION somewhere else, failing to understanding that I carry it with me.  Now I know that there is no such thing as ULTIMATE anything. But there is one other thing –  running away from yourself doesn’t take you  any’freakin’where.

So now I’m going back to my roots to look inward… and let the inspiration flow through my veins.

And you? Do you feel inspired?




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