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Motivational Monday: Get Used To Never Give Up!

inspirational_mondayMotivational Monday: Get Used To Never Give Up! 
A few days ago my Vlog from #CPHFW SS16 went live. I played it earlier (all cringing from my ramblings) and thought how easy it actually is to forget what it took me to create it.
The perfectionist in me had a goal ? the footage had to go up by the end of fashion week. And that was around 4 weeks ago. That plan was quickly ruined by the simplistic editing software I was using. The moment the project was done – an error popped up and the project just wouldn?t download.
After a few sleepless nights and me thinking it was time to give up- there I was stepping up my game and resolving to install a professional editing software. Adobe Premier Pro to be more precise? which required me to also deal with quite a few technical issues as well as teach myself how to actually use it.
?Sweetie, that?s a software for professionals ? go back to something simpler? I?d hear every now and then.
It took me precisely a week to finish the project and get my head around that software. ?Not bad? ? I thought to myself. The project looked better, sounded better ? and it was all ready for the final export. Only that once again it just wouldn?t.
I updated the computer ? nothing, cleared some space, checked my project zillion times, read forums, watched ?how to do videos? on YouTube, asked professionals within the field ? NOTHING.
I was that /-/ close to giving up. Why would I keep pushing and pushing when OBVIOUSLY everything was against me. Probably YouTube was not my thing. Probably I was gonna embarrass myself if I was to share the footage. And while the negative thoughts were messing with my head, for a second I envisaged, where I would be a month ahead? Probably lying in the same bed and recalling how I gave up my dreams only and let myself be defeated by an editing software.
A software! And I was trying to convince myself that it was the Universe hinting that Vlogging was no my thing when, in fact, it was just reminding me that noone?s said that going after your dreams would be in any way easy.
I stayed awake all night, being way too preoccupied to turn my dream into reality. A few hours later the problem was fixed ? and the feeling I got just made me shriek! The butterflies, the adrenaline rush. I did it!!!
Noone gave me a hand, no one showed me what to do. I taught myself the skills, I did my research to get closer to fulfilling my dreams.
And it?s certainly way to easy to sit back and expect that someone would come to rescue your dreams, to draw a detailed chart and tell you the plan. When in fact ? the plan is to create the YOU you?ve always wanted to be and go for the dreams that this YOU want to achieve.
And while it is easy to learn a new skill, it?s damn hard to get used to NOT giving up. To remind yourself that to see the stars you should also go and get acquainted with the dark
And, of course, to try and fail, try and fail again until you feel the urge to throw it all away and quit. But once you overcome yourself then you?d have surely won a few steps ahead.
My anxiety of not being able to edit my vlog as quickly as I?d have hoped evaporated the moment I saw the video successfully downloaded. And then I knew it. It was never the Universe hinting that my dream was not worth it. It was in fact the Universe reminding me that I should always keep pushing, fighting and keep going? As if there?s passion ? then it?s well worth it.
You?ll sweat a lot. You?ll get annoyed. You?ll lack the cosy sleep ? but there’s nothing better than to realise that you?ve actually finally done it.

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  • Vaida Tamošauskaitė

    oh wow! that’s inspiring 🙂 i certainly do know the feeling, have dealt with some similar issues myself.
    but that’s how i learnt programming and designing. and now i’m so grateful for that 🙂
    hooray, and big up for you not giving up! you’re great, and you’re doing just great! sometimes it requires a lot, but once all works out – we appreciate it even more. and that feeling after it’s is priceless, right? ant truly worth it 🙂 great motivation indeed! thanks for sharing it <3
    Vaida @

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  • I need to follow this advice a bit more too, stay positive!

    Lillies and Lipbalm


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