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Breaking Out the ‘Job Application’ Box with My ‘e-conomic’ Cover Letter

Breaking Out the ?Job Application? Box with My ?e-conomic? Cover Letter 
Dear Mr. J. Wandt,
My name is Antoinette, the founder of the blog you are currently reading. Now, you probably wonder why a lifestyle blogger like me has decided to send a letter to a company that deals with online accounting software. And that?s indeed a pretty legitimate question to ask.

But bear with me.

From a first glance I?m indeed just another fashion & lifestyle blogger. However, if you look closer at the articles featured on LTA, you will notice that something else is also going on there. Rather than solely talking about street style and healthy living, I regularly share snippets from my personal story in the bluntest possible way, so that I can establish an intimate connection, a dialogue if you wish, with my readers. In return to my daily letters, I receive letters from my readers with life-related questions that I then reply to on LTA. And just like that, while talking about life and all the colourful emotions that come with it ? I hope that we?ll eventually come closer to finding the answer to the ultimate question: ?How could ?happiness? be attained?.

And similarly to the unconventional way in which I?ve decided to approach a lifestyle blog like this, you have developed anything, but ordinary accounting  and bookkeeping software.
You have instead created ‘e-conomic‘ ? software that challenges the traditional accounting and bookkeeping methods within the SMEs, giving them the chance to employ a user-friendly accounting 2.0 system that reshapes & simplifies those processes.      

So, while we do work in quite different spheres ? it seems to me that ultimately our aim and shared  core values  are the same. We seek to establish a ?product? that transcends borders; to build solid trust by establishing effective, open, and honest communication; to be passionately committed to making people smile and doing so by being as creative and innovative as we possibly can. 

The moment I realised that ? I knew you were the right company for me.

But do I really have what it takes to be a part of your international ?e-conomic? team?

Well, ?Letters to Antoinette? is much more than its articles and minimalistic interface. LTA is me being constantly engaged with the social media channels  linked to it. LTA is me, employing Google Keywords to deliver versatile content that my readers would be interested in and doing so in an original way. This blog is me analysing the Google Analytics’ data and my readers? feedback to evaluate whether I?m delivering content that?s worth their time, which without any doubt is the most precious commodity. 

But then why would I move from being a pretty much full-time blogger to being an employee once again? Well, if there is something that?s become definitive of me ? that?s my versatility and constant crave to learn and improve my knowledge & skills. And especially with me moving to another country ? finding a job is indeed the first and foremost step to becoming a part of the Danish society.
So, while with ‘e-conomic‘ you have managed to break through the traditional accounting and bookkeeping system and won the trust of companies and professionals across the Globe, I’m here to help you boost your TwitterFacebook  & YouTube following too.  
Looking forward to your feedback,
Kind regards, 

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