We Go Baby Swimming and Partying, I mean kinda...

The Monday After

letters-to-a-sunshine The big packing has begun (more about what’s going on here)! Philip and I spent the weekend rearranging the flat, throwing things out, and sorting the rest in boxes. The flat feels empty and its cosiness has almost evaporated. I can’t help but feel nostalgic, blogging from our couch and looking at the empty shelves. Philip and I managed to turn his bachelor’s pad into our first home and it’d been years since I last called a place ‘home’.
And here we are already embarking on a new adventure.
Even though our life in boxes is bringing my anxiety levels up (yes, I’m still learning to control my perfectionism and not let it get the best of me), we decided to get all the annoying tasks out of the way so that we could actually enjoy our last weeks here – meet up with family and friends, enjoy the Easter sun…
Actually today Sofia and I joined our mother’s group (despite the sleeping paralysis episode I had in the morning) because that’s probably one of the last times we could spend time with them. Sofia will certainly miss her 5 buddie! It turns out she’s a social butterfly just like us – holding the others, stroking them, and smiling big time. Paradoxically our mother’s meet up is my ‘mommy off duty time’, because Sofia is so engrossed by what’s happening around her, that she doesn’t  crave my attention whoop-whopp!. In fact, if you have the possibility, I’d encourage you to join a mother’s group as well. And especially if your close friends are still without babies, partying and all that. letters-to-a-sun-copy
And the whole newbie mommy thing could get quite lonely if there is no one to talk to who can actually understand and empathise with your mind-boggling emotions and mommy experience (even if we talk baby poop).
Me? I’m lucky to have friends with babies both here and in Bulgaria, but still, I thought it’s a great idea to let my little girl socialise with other babies at the same age. Actually, that’s another reason I find mother’s group so luring – the municipality helps you get in touch with other mommies, who have given birth approximately at the same time as you, and who live right near  you. This makes it a lot easier to meet up, plus it’s a great excuse to get out of the flat even if the weather is gloomy and you’d rather stay with your baby on the couch.

Okay, enough with the baby talk! My point –  I’m trying to stick to my daily routine, as MakeUpButHow and I joke around (not really), I live in denial. I try to stay positive and not let myself overthink the situation and make crazy scenarios in my head regarding what the future holds.
Instead I’m doing my best to stay aware and live at the moment.
Why? Because, even though we keep saying to each other that we shouldn’t take things for granted, more often than not we do precisely that. We complain about everything that annoys us and shut our eyes to the beauty of what’s attracted us in the first place. So after my meeting I went for a long walk with Sofia-Malou letting myself get completely engulfed by my surroundings – listening to the song of the town, the voices of the passing by strangers, the distant baby cry, and the whistling train.
Yes, I will miss this place.


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