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Monday Motivation: Let’s Walk the Walk

letters-to-a-boots-copy-copyI can’t even believe Philip puts up with that – I mean me constantly rearranging the flat and creating all those ‘blogging corners’ just for fun. In case you’ve forgotten there is a dress hanging on the wall in the living room (a lacy one that I haven’t even worn yet (here)), magazines and cameras all over the place, and now a few pair of boots lined up right next to his PlayStation.

But if there is one single thing I literally despise is spending a lot of time at home. And here I am forced to do precisely that. So in order to feel sane, I’ve turned our living room in this blogging perfect space with different corners for writing, reading, taking photos etc. Now the only thing left to do is to actually get down to business and start doing all that.

It’s bewildering, though how much energy and ink we use in drafting lists and preparing to go for it. And yet a month later you’d look back to only find out that you’ve postponed most of the points for another time, coz it’s never the right time, right? Think of it as buying shoes, but never actually opting to wear them, because you cannot come up with the right outfit or because there isn’t a ‘good’ occasion. And all that it takes is to actually put them on and just go out!letters-to-a-chelsea-bootletters-to-a-chelsea-boots-mango Patterned Boots by Glamorous here and Chelsea Ankle Boots by ASOS here

A few days ago I realised I was exactly that person, who often postpones wearing her new items. I began mulling over my current situation and passivity when it comes to fulfilling my dreams. I was using my maternity leave and the fact that I live in Denmark (my Danish is far from being proficient) as an excuse for not finding a place to study. But come on, neither of those is actually a legitimate excuse for delaying living my life and taking even a few tiny steps a day towards fulfilling my dreams.

And just like that while analysing my lethargic behaviour it suddenly hit me that the last thing I’d want is to be a bad example for my daughter. To be that person who used to have zillion dreams, but all of a sudden discarded them completely due to the lack of  ‘good timing’ and went with the flow.

You can always find time and make it the ‘right’ time. In my case all it takes is spending less time on the phone talking and use those minutes in another way – such as completing my online assignments. Aw, I just got a lil’ bit ahead of myself.

Despite that I’m spending my days taking care of my little one, I’ve finally enrolled to study online at Stonebridge College. I’ve recently caught myself justifying not finding a course with not having enough knowledge to study in Danish and possibility to travel often. Until I found two courses that I can complete online while being at home and get a step close to starting my own Life-Coaching practice. A long journey lies ahead of me and it feels so damn good that I finally took the initiative.

It will be challenging, of course, having to juggle a lot of oranges at the same time, but it’s precisely that, which makes it so exciting. Working full-time or not, being a mommy or a student you can always find that extra few minutes to invest in doing what you love and get closer to turning your dreams in something that’s here and now.

And you? Are you ready to jump back on the road to happiness… the road that’s always under construction and you’re the one installing the asphalt?
Let’s walk the walk with those new pair of boots and see what happens.



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