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In The Making // ‘Antoinette Pepe’ YT Trailer and A Few Words Of Motivation

In The Making // ‘Antoinette Pepe’ YT Trailer  & A Few Words Of Motivation

It?s been almost two years since I first considered launching a YouTube channel. 2 years! And if you ask me why I?ve postponed it for soooooo long. Well, I highly doubt that any excuse would adequately explain my actions ? I mean the lack of such.
I?d constantly dream of the day when I?d be waiting for my first YouTube video to upload, but I?d never realistically consider acting towards making this dream come true.
Rather, I?d be daydreaming about the nostalgic future ? a future so craved, and yet so seemingly impossible.
And the little voice in my head would constantly nourish my passivity by reassuring me that staying within my comfort zone was for the best. It would tell me that people would mock my accent, that I was far than prepared to speak in front of millions of people, and that there was already an excess of successful ?YouTube? channels ? so, ultimately, who would?ve give a c*** for yet another YouTuber?
Fast forward two years later, and you get me uploading and talking about my first ever video to go live on YouTube. It?s a sneak peek at the channel trailer we?ve prepared for this Sunday. So despite the self-doubt, negative attitude and passivity ? I?m finally doing it.
What?s changed you wonder? What?s happened with the little voice in my head?
Well, it?s still there, I often hear it complain, but I waste NO TIME paying attention to it and taking its unrealistic words for granted.
The moment I came to terms with reality, was the moment the little voice ceased to matter? And the reality? The reality is that
a) The world does not revolve around me. So until I get anyone interested in the content of my channel, the last thing I should worry about is that ?millions of people? would ?laugh at me?.
b) I haven?t been born and bred in an English-speaking country, so having an accent is kind of n-o-r-m-a-l. Not having one, in fact, would?ve been more bizarre.
c) Today there are twice as many successful YouTube channels as there were 2 years ago. So if anything, the little ‘friend’ in my head has only made it twice as challenging to start my own.
Why am I telling you that story?
Cause you?re probably also hesitating to ?start up? your life and actually ‘act’ towards achieving your dreams. It?s much easier to sabotage yourself by playing on repeat the good old ?Nah, I?m not good enough?. And peculiarly, the more you say it, the more you will end up believing in it, and making this unrealistic perception of yourself turn into reality.
And honestly, the difference between back then and now is not that today I’ve reached the ?good enough? level. I feel that labelling myself is highly irrelevant. I?m just myself ? with all the bouquet of traits I possess – finally accepting every single one, without being self-centred and scared.
And the happiest people? They are the ones who get on the stage, take the mic and sing as loud as they can. They don?t care whether someone would laugh at their poor karaoke effort. They do it with all their heart; they give a piece of themselves to everyone listening to them, and they do so with the biggest grin on the face.
Go on. Laugh at them. Mock them. And guess what – they wouldn’t give a d***. They are the ones who live life to the fullest. Coz you know ? you can learn how to sing, you can learn how to dive, but having courage & passion is not a skill to be learned. It?s a way of seeing life.

We have a lot to learn from them and since I?ve begun living by that idea ? things have begun to positively change for me. And YouTube is just an example for something grander, for a maxima worth considering.



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  • Can’t wait to see your video when it goes live – you’re going to do great! I’ve dipped my toes into YT – only by doing collab videos with a friend. That wasn’t so bad, nerve-wracking but fun, but going it alone? I just don’t think I’m ready for that yet lol!

    Good luck!

    Sarah 🙂

    Saloca in Wonderland

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