Ready for a mini getaway after a busy month

Getting Summer Ready with Marc Jacobs and Women’secret

Our mini vacation is going pretty fantastic. Philip and I are already discussing our next adventure and we’re considering visiting Portugal next. We’ve never been there and I have always wanted to explore Lisbon and its beautiful beaches (and taste its marvellous food!). I skipped going to the seaside when I was pregnant and I was way too busy setting down when I first moved to Denmark – hence my craving for travel! I have started stocking up on those summer essentials and I find myself ordering bikini and sunglasses all the time! But hey, I need them, right?letters-to-a-beach
My latest discovery is the website  where I found that 70s vibes round pink (duh!) sunglasses by Marc Jacobs . You can find great deals on there – especially if you have a lot of sunglasses already and only want to add a pair to your funky collection. You can also try them on virtually – which is pretty handy if you ask me. As a bonus, in exchange for your order, send a pair of glasses to someone in need. I love that!
I got my one-piece swimsuit from Women’secret and that’s the first time I’m wearing a one-piece – but hey, I need to get a little bit more bikini ready before I hop into those bikini of mine. hehe.letters-to-a-marc-jacobs
Have you bought anything summer/beach fresh recently? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

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Ready for a mini getaway after a busy month