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Summer Bliss in Afitos, Greece

letters-to-a-afytos3Going to Greece with a baby was a little bit of a challenge – we had our ups and downs, but now looking back, it actually worked out pretty well. We made a routine, so that we could spend some time sunbathing (later on this week I will be posting some tips for taking your baby to the beach), enjoy the beautiful scenery of Kassandria (Greece), and indulge in the delicious Mediterranean cuisine – there is no such thing as enough Kalamari or fried Feta.letters-to-aletters-to-a-romper-copy
I was so excited to be finally able to go on a family vacation and wear some cute summer outfits without having that big baby bump…and rock my brand new rompers. The one I was wearing that day is by REMIX, a brand I’ve only recently discovered, but immediately fell in love with – the fit, materials, and embroideries. If the romper is out of stock as I purchased it almost a month ago you can go to  Missguided and pick an alternative. My summer shoes are, wait for it, Stradivarious (here), watch by Abbott and Mosley  (here)  and bag by Leo Wulff  (here)letters-to-a-afytosWe chose to stay in Blue Bay Hotel, Afitos, a gem situated on the first finger of Chalkidiki. Even though Philip and I were pretty sceptical towards the hotel food, it turns out the best à la carte meal we had was exactly there. Below you can see some of the starters we had and let me tell you – the shrimps were to die for.  Sofia was with us of course, ‘chilling’ in her Bugaboo wagon, and waiting for only one more piece of bread. Yes, our baby is a bread lover and that’s the only way to keep her happy while we are dining. A piece of bread and she is in heaven. Easy peasy-ish. Unless you find yourself at a sushi restaurant. Then you have a problem.letters-to-a-greek-cuisineimg_7110-copyletters-to-a-blue-bay-hotel
Have you already been on a holiday this summer? Tell me more!
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