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‘Love is Calling’ OOTD! Are You Ready to Pick Up?

‘Love is Calling’ OOTD! Are You Ready to Pick Up? 

I was dozing off to sleep under the whimsical melody of ‘If I got You’ by Chris Malinchak. ?A. do you believe in Love?? The question was still echoing inside my head and though I was doing my best to switch off my brain my body simply wouldn’t follow.

Tell me? Do you??
Well, and you? Do you believe in Life?? ? I was just about to snap back quite loudly when I realised that apart from Sparky who was snuggled next to me I was all by myself in the dimly lit bedroom. And then I gave up trying to force myself to sleep. My thoughts were screaming way too loud and I knew I had to finally spill them all out. I was recalling the pragmatic and rational words uttered by family and friends. I was reminiscing the lines that I’ve heard while walking down the street all of which confirming the dramatic shift that has occurred in
the way we think. And just like that I couldn’t help but wonder why our attention has ended up drifting away from love to become solely focused on all that can be seen and touched? Yes, rather than craving unconditional love, we have been slowly led to believe that stability is all that we actually need.



And while the materialistic society that we inhibit has been feeding itself with our souls, it’s been simultaneously promoting all that’s visible and superficial as the greatest things of all. And in the process of doing so we’ve also developed that odd habit to imagine ‘romantic love’ every time someone raises the issue of love; of an ‘intimate relationship’ and all that it stands for – sensuality, tenderness, passion…
And you know, since the launch of LTA I’ve been advocating that life is way too short to miss out on it; to wait for someone else to feel your heart with joy; to seek out external triggers that will inspire you to feel better about yourself. I’ve also had my ups and downs, secretly waiting for the One, who’d eventually turn my life around. I’ve been desperately anticipating the moment when I’d develop a healthy relationship with someone who will manage to elicit my most genuine smile. I’ve been feeling lonely, spending most of my time wandering out and about; yes, I’ve been surrounding myself with people hoping to forget about the shouting loneliness that was gloatingly waiting for me back in my flat.
And you know? Mulling over it all, today I smile at the ridiculousness of my former thoughts. At the very fact that I was trying to avoid facing myself by constantly meeting up with friends. And quite some time has passed before I finally opened my eyes, enabling myself to come into terms with the truth. It was time for me to start the next chapter in which I could love myself and the amazing power I had to change and craft my life in the very way I craved.
So, yes. I do believe in love. I do believe in all that it stands for. And I do believe that it doesn’t start and end with the beginning and a closure of an intimate relationship.
Love is there deep down in your soul. If you let it thrive and let its halo surround you, developing an intimate relationship will soon after follow.
The Hollywood films have certainly contributed to our misconception of love, obstructing us to see that love actually starts with ‘you’. I needed quite some time to finally articulate what I’ve been trying to get out of my system during all those countless insomniac nights. And certainly, it’s not easy to face yourself in the mirror and admit that the love you give and receive, the life you lead and ‘breathe’ depend entirely on you.
So hey! Wake up. Open your heart. Forgive. Smile. Radiate love. Let your heart jump for joy every time you notice a sincere scene. Let
yourself enjoy your life even when you’re BY YOURSELF. 
Being alone doesn?t necessarily mean that
you have to FEEL lonely.
Looking behind every corner won?t attract ?the One?.
Your ability to look inwards and accept yourself and your value as a human being, however, will.
Love is calling. Are you ready to finally pick up?

What, you, what are your thoughts on love?

Curious what I was wearing for a walk around the city during this lovely summer day?
Beaded Crop Top with Flower Embellishments: Forever 21 / Alternative: ASOS Crop Top in Lace with Open Back
Smocked Chiffon Shorts: Forever 21 / Alternative Chiffon Shorts Ali Express
Shoes: Aldo Kristina Stilettos / Alternative ASOS PENSIVE Pointed High Heels
Bag: Miu Miu / Alternative Warehouse Raw Edged Leather Shopper
Oversized Necklace: Forever 21/ Alternative Boohoo Carmen Panelled Collar Necklace
Bangles: H & M / Alternative Boohoo Jennie Gold Bangle Set



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