#CPHFW FW16: The 'Faux' is the Real Deal



Does the 1980’s Melanie Griffith’s image from ‘Working Girl’ rings a bell? Pantsuits and power dressing have long gone hand-in-hand, especially when we talk women climbing the corporate ladder. I remember the days when my mom first joined a corporation and had to completely restructure her wardrobe. The jeans were left to gather dust, with brand new monochrome suits and shirts mostly white & perfectly ironed resting on the hangers.Back in the day I thought she looked bizarre – it was almost as if she was wearing a petite version of a men’s suit. Little did I know back than what a powerful weapon clothes could be in the ‘gender-making’ game.letters_to_a_suitsSo all I could see was that the cuts were boring, the fits anything but flattering, and the colours? Plain and unspectacular.
Well, fast forward almost 20 years later – the odds are now totally in favour of the ‘women pantsuit’ that is now a staple piece in any fashionista’s wardrobe and more than flexible in the way it could be styled.
During that Fashion Week it became quite obvious that the ‘pantsuit’ is here to set the tone for the upcoming FW16 season.
Baum Pfergarten & Malene Birger, to name a few designers, proved that outside the office the pantsuits can be fun, sexy, and versatile in regards to how they could be worn.
So if you’re wondering how to pull it off yourself – it’s good to keep in a mind a few simple things:
1. Make sure it fits and if you’re not really sure about it, drop by your tailor and let them do the work.2015-trend-the-pant-suit-women-style-122. Pay specific attention to the shape of  your pants
You might be surprise to find out what type of pants fit your figure. In fact it took me years to acknowledge that high-waist straight (cigarette-shaped) & flare pants elongate my legs and add a few inches to my height. I used to wear only skinny jeans, and now looking back it seems to me that I’ve been definitely creating the wrong visual illusion. P.S. When I think of women pantsuit – there is only one name that immediately pops up – Miroslava Duma. Just check out how well she pulls it off!blue-boxy-suit3. Leave the shirt back home
Today pantsuits are called ‘power’ pantsuits, not because they make women fit better in the ‘men’s corporate world’, but because they give us freedom to cheekily express both the masculine and feminine side we possess. f004c25261a38006f69b6bb1b77872714. Forget about the conventional suit jacket. Try something fun 🙂MiroslavaDumaPar05.Get creative with the colours and materials. And if you feel like wearing something loose – check out the Lovechild 1979’s loose fitted velvet // silk pantsuits below. letters_to_a_suits1Pant-Suits-For-Women-7miroslava_duma_pantsuitAny thoughts on the ‘pantsuit’ craze?

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