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If there’s something I firmly believe in that would be that ‘life is what you make it’. In fact – life, friendships, love – it’s really up to you to shape them and then enjoy the fruit of your labour. the form they’d eventually take.
When I moved to live in Cph, I was on an emotional rollercoaster. Ups & downs, utter excitement – suffocating apathy. My friends weren’t here, my family was miles away, and so was my comfort zone – left behind to gather dust the moment I locked the front door on my way to the airport.
And while trying to convince myself that brighter days were yet to come, I just never really ended up believing in that. My mind was building sand castles that my disbelief was tearing down
And just like that  August came.
Eli was supposed to visit me. I hadn’t seen her for good 4 months – I missed spending time with her and having our ‘hygge’ nights in and never-ending conversations. But still, the feeling of ‘doom-ness’ somehow overtook the feeling of excitement. I was actually dreading her seeing my empty eyes that used to be shining bright and filled with life.
On my way to the airport, the clouds started clearing out and the sun finally peeked from behind a cheeky cloud. Right there, right now I had that moment of realisation. Eli and I have always had this bizarre connection – when we’re together things somehow manage to fall right where they belong.
Not only did I think about that, but a feeling of overwhelming excitement went throughout my whole body. It was happiness. And my heart? It finally opened up ready to embrace what was yet to come.
Her visit was magical. Us cycling around the city, walking around the ‘hygge’ streets, laughing out loud, sharing the occasional tear.
And it was thanks to her visit that I met two people, who know take central part in my life.
It was because of Eli that Philip and I stumbled upon each other… It was thanks to her that I found out about that another blogger/vlogger (whose name is also Eli a.k.a MakeUpButHow) also lives in Copenhagen and happens to have birthday today. (P.S. E. if you’re reading this – get ready for a crazy celebration when you’re back from the UK).letters_to_antoinetteletters_to_antoinette21How random. Another Bulgarian girl, who’s moved to live here and does precisely what I do. Why not really? I took the plunge. The worst that could happen was her ignoring my message.
But she didn’t. A few days later we grabbed our first coffee together. And we bonded.
Here we are today – vlogging together, spending most of our free time together. You could argue that it was thanks to Eli that I met my new friend. Surely, thanks to her I found out about her existence, but it is ultimately because I didn’t waste even a second doubting whether I should contact her that we ended up bonding and becoming friends.
letters_to_antoinette1Photos by Preslava Petkova

Life is like a mirror. It’s a reflection of your thoughts, beliefs and desires. You can mold it and re-shape it in just a second. A second of changing your attitude towards the now, a second of really believing and ‘seeing’ that things are already changing for the better.

Coat by Mango (here) // Jacket by Missguided (here) // Alternative to the bag: VMCARRY LEATHER CLUTCH (here) // H&M platform Boots (here) // Oasis Block Heel Boots (here) // AJ Morgan Round Mirror Sunglasses (here) // Seven NW Smooth Jeggings (here)
E’s outfit: ASOS Woven Long Scarf In Check (here)// Mabel Lt Weight Jacket (here) // Noisy May Jeans (here) // Wedges G-Star (here)

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