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Manhattan ‘Red’ness – Or How to Rock These Boyfriend Jeans of Yours

Manhattan ‘Red’ness ? Or How to Rock These Boyfriend Jeans of Yours 
Hey you lovely,
For the past couple of weeks I?ve banned myself from wearing black and purchasing black items. Though I initially thought I wouldn?t be able to resist the temptation ? it actually turned out that it could be quite fun choosing and trying on pieces that you’d previously simply ignored.
For me fashion has always been a way to express myself and my current state of mind (but for who isn?t really?!?). Also, being quite versatile in all that I do, occasionally (actually around six times a year) I crave change ? be it changing up my hairstyle, style, or the place I live.


Well, I think that time of the year has once again come and
rather than betting safe and wearing myself all in black, I?ve chosen an outfit
which is quite bold for my taste. Well, weirdly, I?m still quite uncertain whether
the clothes I wear are manifestation of the way I currently feel or the reverse
? whether the new pieces I introduce my wardrobe to are marking my willingness
to initiate some grander changes in my life. We shall wait and see…
Two days ago I flew back home to spend some time with my
friends and family and today going through the photos B. and I took the day before
I left I cannot help but smile. Manhattan has changed me a lot turning me into bolder,
more confident and certainly happier girl, which is undoubtedly reflected in my
outfit ? more vibrant, brighter, and quirkier than ever. 
But as I?ve previously featured an outfit that incorporates a
pair of boyfriend pants, today I decided to give you some tips and tricks for
how to combine them (having been asked to do so by couple of my lovely


1. Express YOURSELF through the clothes you wear 
You know, lovely, clothes should make you feel comfortable in
your own skin, assisting you to express yourself and let your unique
personality shine through. Then before you go out on a shopping spree, cease thinking about
the current fashion trends and instead try and think in terms of your body
shape. Actually, one of the worst fashion crimes ever revealed is allowing
yourself to spend money on items, which are ?very in? this season, however, not
in any way suitable for your beautiful body. So if you go for the boyfriend
pants ? think whether they will be look good on you first. For
example, as I?m quite petite, I cannot pull them off with a pair of flats, rather I have to go for high stilettos or peep-toe pumps. However, if you?re tall and skinny, some pointy flats would be the perfect choice for you. One
way or the other, opt for stylish basic shoe styles and forget about the wedge trainers and boots which will put a lot of weight on the lower part of the outfit – something you want to avoid. To attain a look that will please the eye why not try this – boyfriend (masculine) jeans + chic & feminine footwear – the very formula to a slender, chic, and sophisticated look. 

 2. Use your garments to YOUR advantage 

Unfortunately and quite frankly not every piece of attire is appropriate
for each and every one of us. Ask yourself the question ?Which are the parts of my body that I like most?? After you give yourself an honest answer you’ll know better what you should be highlighting rather than concealing. For example, I used to think that low-rise slim-fit jeans were what suited my legs the most. Having looked at some photos from my
past, I?ve come to the striking realisation that this is certainly not the
case. Rather, today I?d go for a nice pair of boyfriend jeans, which though
baggy, combined with a pair of stilettos make me look tall and slender similarly to the way high-waisted pants combined with a lovely crop top do. 
3. Skinny + Baggy
Why have I chosen a tank top rather than a baggy sweater?
Well, the part of my body I like most is my waist, which is why I?ve highlighted it by wearing a slim-fit top. So, when you?re selecting your outfit try to combine
skinny & baggy. If you?re wearing baggy jeans go for something tighter on
the top and the reverse ? slim-fit jeans or leggings match perfectly with an
oversized tops (one of my all-time favourite combinations). In this way you ensure
that your outfit looks finished & balanced and in no way messy.

4. Should my bag and shoes match?
Though some ?fashionistas? would simply state ?No…No!?, if you check out the trends that have come and gone over the last few years you?ll
notice that matching colours, jewellery, and accessories has actually been quite prevalent
trend among designers and celebrities.
Personally, I?ve always preferred matching my bag and shoes,
especially when my outfit choice is colourful rather than monochrome, seeing it
as the ultimate manifestation of the sophisticated, chic, and finished look. For
this outfit, my choice is a tote bag from Kenneth Cole, which is big enough to
fit in quite a few of my purchases when I wonder around the city immersing myself in some unplanned shopping. And what about the shoes? Well, I’m rocking a pair of ‘Kristina’ Stilettos from Aldo which matches more than perfectly with my oversized bag.

5. What about my jacket?

Well, as I’m a huge fan of sleeveless jackets, I’ve chosen a slim-fit sleeveless jacket from Bershka to accentuate on my waist and keep myself warm during the unpredictable spring weather. If you want to go for something more feminine you can never go wrong with a slim-fit blazer :).
And what about the accessories you probably wonder? As my pants are quite quirky and colourful, I decided to leave them do the talking. I’m only wearing some bangles and nothing more. You know, some outfits are strong enough just the way they are.

Sleeveless Suede Jacket – Bershka
Tank Top – H&M
Boyfriend Jeans – Zara
Stilettos – Aldo 
Bag – Kenneth Cole 

What’s your suggestion for combining your boyfriend pants?

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Sending you all my love,

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