An Unexpected Lifestyle Change During My First Pregnancy

A Knock From the Past With Wishes For The Future

letters_to_antoinette_pregnancy4copyI opened the door to face the postman grinning at me, while handing me a box.‘Your signature, please’, in Danish of course, but after hearing that sentence so many times, I just did the requested and offered back the polite ‘Tak’. I haven’t ordered anything from ASOS and I had no clue what Queen Elizabeth II had to do with my parcel. But there it was the English stamp and a label that had my name beautifully inscribed. Like a girl, I  unwrapped the box with utmost curiosity to catch a glimpse of an envelope with ‘Eti’ on the top, a little heart over the ‘I’ and three xxx.
We first met a few hours after all of my suitcases were finally piled up in my room. Thankfully, the freshers’ were offered a hand from the student reps, who were all a year or two ahead. We lived in the same halls for two years, partying hard when it was dark and spending countless of hours in the library during the rest of the time.
Social butterflies topped up with some irrational sensitivity when it came to life and nerdy sensibility when it came to our university work.
There was no way for us not getting along.
We nodded in agreement when the others raised an eyebrow. We naively believed that people were good, even when we were being harshly stabbed in the back. letters_to_a_pregnancy7If you’re also expecting,  check out  for some cutie-pie baby things

And while we were similar in the way we saw life, we had our differences that made us grow closer even more. At a time when I had completely lost myself, she reminded me of one simple word – ‘self-respect’. My peptalk came to use when it came to her work. ‘But of course you can. Noone doubts ‘you’ apart from ‘you’.
And she always nailed it. All she needed was that little nudge to do what she could do best – perform outstandingly well.letters_to_antoinette_pregnancy6It was times of freedom, growing up and trying to get a better idea of who we already were and what we wanted to become. We thought the way forward was perfecting our essays for days. And now looking back it seems as ‘time’ gone a little bit to waste.
The little box that Aimee prepared with so much positivity and love is also reminiscent of the days that are now all gone. It is only now that I can clearly see that University is so much more than being ‘perfect’ in your degree. It’s about getting to know yourself, make lifelong friend and ultimately come to terms that ‘Life is more than a straight A’. And in no way I’m trying to discourage you to perform well, but just try to sometimes remind yourself that the world is more colourful, exciting and bigger than that – something that I learned in the hardest possible way.
With all my love,

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  • Very nice and sincere post. 🙂 Lovely read! 🙂

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  • Lovely post! I graduated from University last summer and I’ve stayed very close to the friends I made there. I hope we stay as close as you and your uni friend!

    Lisa |

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