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letters_to_antoinette1CIAO-CIAO 2015
Okay, in a few hours 2015 will be in the past and we’re gonna be facing the nasty self-inflicted hangover – coz, what else could you do tonight than keep on saying cheers to loudly celebrate the fleetness of ‘time’?
I can be quite cynical when it comes to discussing NYE. All that hype and effort for a day that doesn’t really make any difference.
Your New Year’s Resolutions will be long forgotten in a few hours and the greyness of January will be greeted with a headache.
Precisely because of that I refuse to be part of the ‘starting over’ hype. I’ve been doing that way too many times (I mean staring over)  and I refuse to make today about that.
This year I’m gonna smile at the past and let it guide me in the present so that I can step with confidence into the unknown future, which in fact is all in my hands to craft.
Philip and I are celebrating with a few friends – a loud and crazy NYE? Not this year.
Today we say cheers that we are here, happy to be with each other and ready for many more days worth celebrating.
And I’m not waiting until 12 to give him the thousand kisses he deserves.
You shouldn’t wait either. Kiss your loved ones now. We don’t need a reason to show love and affection, right?

P.S. Tonight I’m going for a very unexpected look – a shirt that’s actually a dress (SheIn (here)  // Belt Pieces (here)  Red Lips (Dior: Royale ) and Dramatic Lashes (Diorshow Iconic Extreme Waterproof Mascara )letters_to_antoinetteWhat’s your plan for tonight?
Happy New Year!


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