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Breathing in the past


Breathing in the past

Hey you, lovely reader,

Yesterday, I spent quite a few hours at a local café scribbling down some ideas for my upcoming posts and deciding on the one that I was going to work on for today. I was sipping my hot drink seemingly too preoccupied with what I was doing until I suddenly froze in place.

My surroundings started melting into one another, with people?s silhouettes slowly diluting before my eyes. For a second my heart just sank. And here I was standing at the doorway only a moments after the longest hug goodbye, watching how L. was slowly walking out of my life. It was not only our last day at university, but it was our last meet up before she moved to California for good.

I shook my head to come back to my senses to only see that now the café was completely packed and a lovely lady was asking me politely to join me at the table. I took a deep breath and then I got it… the lady was wearing L?s signature perfume. My eyes got watery and I smiled quite bitterly. Her smell has triggered nostalgic and intense memories of my past. For me, the whole university experience didn’t really have much to do with studying and acquiring knowledge. Though it was an essential part of my daily routine, today I realise that my experience back then had given me much more. And one of the things I feel most grateful about is that I met a person who forever changed my life. My soul-mate. Today, 2 years later, with 7000 miles and an ocean marking the distance between us, I still feel L’s presence every single day. She taught me so much about life; she changed my entire perspective of love and friendship. She was holding my hand and wiping my tears away when I was going through the hardest time of my life. We laughed together, danced hectically in clubs, and always helped each other to succeed.

The memories that the lady?s fragrance sparked were nostalgic and emotional rather than detailed and concrete? Nostalgic, yet incredibly beautiful and endearing. I looked up and saw the lady open the cover of “A Fraction of the Whole? by Steve Toltz? and I couldn?t help but smile again – only this time whole-heartedly and cheerfully. This was L?s favourite book.

?Synchronisation? I said to myself, while whispering quietly ?Thank you?. For a second I thought that the lady answered my smile. On my way out of the café I took out my phone and typed down the title of the post, sending it to  L. I knew she?d get it all. We are soul mates after all.

Well, scents have always had a huge impact on me and my emotions. And I’m almost certain you can empathise with that. Think of the moments when you’ve noticed the scent of a passing stranger, feeling as if  your heart has suddenly broken by the emotional memory triggered by the smell. I’m also quite sure that you have abandoned quite a few fragrances just because they bring to mind excruciating memories.

Today, I decided to reveal to you my three signature scents, all of which evoke beautiful memories? scents which have become definitive of me, my character, my attitude ? you know of ME. Though associating them with different stages of my life, when I wear them I know that they are emphasising on the real me – and that’s what perfumes should do – complement rather than overwhelm. 

1. L?Imperatrice by D & G

One of my all time favourite scents… I started wearing it when I was around 19 and associate it with the lovely first moments that I spent in Lougborough, UK; the fantastic friendships I developed, the great adventures I got myself into, the laughter ? everything.

I perceive the fragrance as quite flirty, flamboyant and energetic, quite light and meanwhile simply outstanding. Its whole scent is actually based around luscious exotic fruits and rosy florals that give way to a musky, and exciting base.

I wear the perfume mainly at dinner parties, as its scent is certainly confidence-boosting, letting your magnetism shine through and fill in the air around you.

Well, it?s not that hard to be L?imperatrice of the night after all.

For more information or to purchase – Here

2. Escada Delicate Notes 

I got Escada Delicate Notes for the first time only a few weeks ago. Usually I find it quite hard to make up my mind on the fragrance I would like to purchase. I have a very sensitive nose and I seem to get the feeling of sickness every time I notice overly strong and overwhelming scents. To be honest, I sprayed this eau de toilette on my skin completely by chance, and surprisingly, I fell in love with it straight away. Since then I’ve been wearing it quite a lot, getting complements all the time – I guess I’ve made a good choice after all.

The truth is that the scent is quite extraordinary. In fact, a few of my friends have also tried to wear it, but it just didn’t smell right. But you know not all perfumes are suitable for all types of skin. So if you haven’t come across it before, I challenge you to try it and let us hope it will suit you too.

Beware that this fragrance is actually the delicate version of Especially Escada Perfume, which once again underlines my affection towards light-hearted scents. And if “femininity”can be smelled, its smell would be precisely this. Having in mind that I’ve never considered myself as overly feminine, the Delicate Notes of Escada apart from giving me a splash of optimism,  also make me feel more feminine, elegant, and gracious. Look at the lovely luxurious packaging in pale pink – doesn’t it complete the feminine touch to it?

And when do I wear it? When I feel I’d like to illuminate my feminine side and “spray some sunshine on me.”

For more information or to purchase – Here 

3. See by Chloé

When I first smelled See by Chloé it took me less than a second to completely fall in love with it. It’s mesmerising scent incorporates in itself both tenderness and boldness, sensitivity and passion. It’s as if the masculine and feminine have blended together perfectly well. When I think of the scent I see before my eyes an ethereal angel dressed up in an urban-chic outfit floating gracefully, yet quite confidently down Portobello road.

This very fragrance has actually turned into my ultimate accessory during the day. It underlines the playful, yet strong personality of anyone who is fully embracing life. The scent blends astonishingly well the the sensual notes of sandalwood and vanilla, with the somewhat mischievous apple blossom and jasmine.

Recently See by Chloé  Paint a Scent also came out, enabling you to ?paint the scent on your skin? by using a petite brush (see the first collage for a reference). While quite a unique idea, I personally prefer the original version of the Perfume as it lasts longer on my skin. However, the concept of Paint of Scent is so original and incredibly quirky that I couldn’t resist the temptation to get a hold of it too.


For more information or to purchase – Here 

Which are your signature scents?
Which of them are bringing back the best, yet most sentimental memories? 

Lots of love,

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