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Now It’s Getting Real: Braxton Hicks Contractions

letters_to_a_street_styleDespite my not so pregnancy-flattering outfits (subconsciously I’m still doing my best to hide that bump) in reality things are getting much more real with every passing second. My best friend gave birth a few days ago to a beautiful girl – Zarina. I know that this doesn’t have a lot to do with my pregnancy, but on second thought it does. She got pregnant a few months before me and the fact that she’s already a mother makes me realise that it won’t be long until we spend countless of hours on the phone discussing topics like ‘changing diapers’. The same two girls that a year ago were strolling down the streets of Copenhagen having no clue where life was gonna take them.
And while I’m mentally preparing for that huge life change that’s ahead of Philip and I, my body has also started preparing. I’ve begun getting this weird feelings down my belly – as if a muscle inside me is clenching like a fist. It would normally happen when I’m at work, after standing 5-6 hours on my feet, or when carrying bags. It turns out I’m getting Braxton Hicks contractions. Yeh, I had no clue what that was until my doctor told me (that’s how prepared for this pregnancy I was). Until then it’s never cross my mind that you can get contractions way before giving birth and that they are completely harmless, unless they occur way too frequently. Then you should consult your doctor to be sure that you’re not on the way of going to labour way too early.
In my case, I have to slow down the pace a lil’ bit and force myself to realise that I’m not by myself anymore and that being hyperactive is currently a no-no. If you find yourself getting Braxton Hicks (some women never get them), make sure to have some water, as dehydration might have triggered them in the first place and change your position, meaning stand up if you’re sitting or the reverse. Actually, that’s how you can distinguish Braxton Hicks from the true labour contractions. With the latter, no matter what you do and how much you change your poses – they will keep on going intensifying with time.
Have you ever felt Braxton Hicks contractions? If so what did your doctor advise you?

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