Happy Anniversary To Me - 1 Year in Copenhagen

Pregnancy Diet Update

Recently I shared that I’d be introducing meat to my diet again (here), after not having had even a bite for more than 14 years.
Crazy, right?
But then I thought it’s not the right time to be selfish, and I should opt for eating everything that’s beneficial for the little one that’s growing inside me.
And there I was cooking chicken again and doing my best to enjoy its taste. The first few bites were actually okay, but the ‘WOW’ effect – well, it never came.
And weirdly, rather than the boost of energy I thought I’d receive, over the last week I’ve been feeling overly exhausted with a killing headache, which I have no clue how to deal with.
I’m not saying that my eating meat and jelly-ness (yes, it seriously feels like my bones have soften up) are correlated in any way, but still it does feel a little bit dodgy.
So earlier today while booking an appointment with my doctor to check up my hemoglobin (no clue why) she said something about my blood type.
‘What what?’
And she repeated ‘You are an AB+’.
Oh my! So many years of not knowing what my blood type is and voilà – I finally managed to find out. And there I was with all that overly useful information at my disposal and more than ready to do some badass research.
One of the rarest blood type, it turns out AB+ can tolerate all the other blood types – HOORAY! (not that I want it to ever come down to that –  but still it’s great news!)
But what concerned me more and actually took me by surprise is that AB+ individuals have low stomach acidity and can’t metabolize all foods efficiently enough with meat being simply stored as fat. Chicken and beef are the ‘no-no’ meats for my blood type, as well as oranges (random, right?) and shrimps (NOOOOOO!). On the bright side – green leafy seasonal vegetables, seafood, low-fat dairy (mozzarella – yummy), oats, and olive oil are more than recommended and beneficial for me.
It seems that my body was hinting that informtation to me, coz everything I seemed to enjoy indulge in (apart from one, which became quite obvious earlier) I’m allowed to eat.
So now what? Well, I’ll keep doing what I’ve always thought I’d do when I get pregnant – listen to my body and not my head. Also, I’d try to really filter all the information I’ve read online as well as received from people (oh, people derive utmost pleasure from giving pregnancy advices) I got more confused than actually helped. I was led to believe that I should literally eat everything ‘healthy’ (meat!) to provide my baby with proteins etc.
Well, guess what?
I haven’t been feeling great at all since I went down the lane of listening to all people have to say. So I’ll let the control freak in me go on a holiday and listen to my belly instead. Am I gonna eat meat at all?
I don’t know. I will let the life inside me do the talking and feed it with all that it asks me for.
For now I’ll keep on waking up with a glass full of vitamins (strawberry+banana smoothie – yum!) and a bowl of oatmeal, eat less and more often during, and exercise daily (even if that means a 20 minute walk :)).
I did feel great when I was doing that – so why force myself eat things that are supposed to be ‘good’ but actually make me feel bad?
And you? What’s your pregnancy diet?

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