A Piece Of Advice To My Birthday Self

‘Hm’ Remarks During Windy Times

letters_to_a_months_pregnancy Being pregnant is a challenge. Not only in regards to the zillion changes your has to body undergo, but mainly in regards to the crazy mood swings and state of mind you get on the top of everything else.
If you’ve been there you know how easy it is to get upset over the lack of cherries in your fridge, or the fact that your loved one hasn’t remembered to put down the toilet seat. Is it the hormones or the realization that your life is just about to irreversibly change that make you act as if you’re ‘crazy in the head’?  It’s difficult to say, but my best bet is that it’s a mixture of both.
And in these dubious times the worst that could happen is for someone to (maybe unintentionally) make it even more difficult for you.
It happens all the time – having to constantly listen people’s advices, who think are doing me good, but are in fact making me even more confused. And then there are these comments, which make me doubt whether I’m handling my pregnancy well:
‘You’re almost 7 months? You have way too tiny bump’
I’m petit and I used to be skinny (more about body image and pregnancy – here) and I guess that’s the most reasonable explanation behind my slowly growing bump. But still in moments like this I cannot help but think whether everything’s fine with my baby and I.letters_to_a_pregnancy2Vero Moda Kimono Sleeve Jersey Dress (here) // Missguided Swing Dress (here) // Second Trimester Style Guide (here)
The doctors haven’t been worried about my health or the way my pregnancy progresses and yet the things I get told are making me uncertain whether I can handle it all. But I made a promise to myself – to not listen to anyone else. It’s enough of a challenge to be pregnant, so the best I could do (and you) is to trust your body, the health professionals and do your best to shut out all that could potentially upset you and the little one you’re carrying.
Now, almost 7 months pregnant I’m finally starting to show so it’s for me to start proudly showing off that bump.
And you? Have you experienced comments throughout your pregnancy which have upset and made you doubt yourself?letters_to_a_pregnancy4xoxo

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  • Ignore everyone, people always want to give advice but just do what you think is right. Also tiny bumps gotta be a good think, less stretch marks surely
    livinginaboxx | bloglovin

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  • Merry -Berry

    Вероятно ти втръсна от мен, но просто с всеки пост ме докосваш и ми припомня моменти от моята бременност. В никакъв случай не искам да те съветвам или да ти казвам какво да правиш, защото ти сама го каза – достатъчно предизвикателство е да си бременна! Самата аз отказвах да слушам какво ми говорят хората, защото те само могат да стресират една бременна и уязвима жена! Всяка бременност е различна, познавам жени, чийто корем в 9ти месец беше колкото е твоят на тези снимки! И щом докторите нямат притеснения и ти усещаш малката принцеса, само това е от значение! Не е нужно да качваш 21 килограма, като мен хахаха Още се боря с последиците 😀 Прегръдки от мен и моята принцеса Лори 🙂
    Пс: Не знам дали коментарът ми е четим, много странно излиза, докато пиша… 🙁

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