Stage Fright, I mean Labour Fright

My Birth Plan: Positive, Calm and Natural Birth

letters-to-a-pregnancyIn an hour I have to head over to my midwife for, fingers crossed, my last appointment with her. My due date is tomorrow (or the 19th) I have two documents with two different due dates on them so we shall see. But as far as I’m concerned, I can feel my body preparing to go into labour. I have ticked most of the boxes – starting from very intense and regular Braxton Hicks contractions that leave me completely out of breath and give me painful heartburns – to having mild period type of cramps.
Am I anxious? Less than before. I’m mostly curious when it’s gonna happen. I do take my time, of course, to sit and just breathe in and out, in and out in order to get back in tune with my chi and make myself stay positive about the whole labour.
I guess that’s why I’ve chosen to give birth in a darker and cosier room with a bath tub. Hospitals terrify me – the whole sterile smell and fluorescent light. I’m not ill, I’m pregnant and being in a hospital makes me feel as if something’s wrong with me. That’s why I’ve requested a more intimate room with dimmed light so that I can feel ‘home’ and meditate between the contractions if I get the chance. Apart from that I’ve rejected any type of pain killers (I have allergy towards pretty much every painkiller that exists) and will also do my best to stick to as natural birth as possible. Epidural – no thanks. I’ve always had more of a ‘hippie’ attitude towards any type of prescribed drugs and would normally go for ginger root and lemon when I don’t feel in shape. Even when I’ve felt excruciating period pain I’d still go for the alternative options to manage it (like standing on all four – it helps a lot you should try it). So why change now?
Of course, you never know what will happen and I might end up requesting something stronger than the ‘Gas and Air’, but for now my goal is to man up and manage the pain with breathing & mediation techniques and positive attitude.
And you?
Any advice from the ones of you who are already moms?


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  • Mariya Gonkovq

    The best thing is to stay positive and calm!😎 I had a completely normal, non-drugs delivery and I’m saying that your attitude matters. My contractions started late in the evening, I stayed at home and early in the morning went to the hospital. Just 2 hours later I had my lovely daughter. She is 8 months now 😍💗.

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  • My cousin gave birth in July. She needed to go on C-section because of the high pressure but everything turned out amazing. It’s great that there are so many possibilities for every woman. I really wish you all the best. xx

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

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