On Becoming A Mom

Adjusting To My New Lifestyle

Okay, having a newborn means turning your morning coffee routine to more of a lunch thing. So here I am enjoying a few minutes off from my mom’s duty, drinking a cup of coffee, and flicking through a magazine. A commercial one with festive decoration you could buy for Christmas – the lightest possible (non)read. After a tough night all I need is silence, meaning I don’t even want to hear the sentences I read or my racing thoughts.
I’ve been trying so hard to juggle everything and keep myself together, but I just find it so damn difficult to follow the plan I had made for the day. If you’re also more of a creative person, I’m sure you get my inner struggle. I wish I was better at planning and forcing myself to get shit done – but let’s admit it. I’m NOT. Especially when there is a little one with whom I can’t procrastinate and I need to be on the top of my game.
In fact, in the process of becoming a mother I realised that I’m actually forced to be less creative and more structured. I get so annoyed with myself when I see the piles of clothes that are waiting for me to be ironed and neatly arranged. Still I’d often choose to go into the shower first, because when Sofia-Malou is awake I might not get the chance.
In other words, it’s been a wild ride and hence my lack of activity here. I guess I need to learn to be able to write/create videos in-between feedings and change of diapers. Pretty challenging that is for me, but I will be doing my best.
In the meantime, if there is anything you’d like me to write or create a video about – let me know in the comments below.

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