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Happy 6 Months, Sofia-Malou!

Sofia-Malou is exactly 6 months today! Which makes me a not-so newbie mommy – only if I felt that way! I still have no clue what I’m doing. I’m struggling day-in day-out to create a routine for her that works. My excuse is breastfeeding – legitimate or not.
She has begun sleeping next to me and cuddling, a thing that I was firmly against…The same with eating – I started with the solids a month ago, even though I originally wanted to wait until today to offer her the first spoon with veggies. Our nurse advised me to give it a try earlier and see what happens. Guess what – she had no problem swallowing the food and was getting ecstatic every time I put her in her wooden chair. She adores eating solids as much as she loves the milk from my boobs. The point here… I wanted to do it ‘textbook’ perfect, but not long after giving birth I found out that it wasn’t me, you know, following everyone’s advice and obsessing over what is ‘right’ and ‘wrong’. Every baby is different … and so is every mommy. Embrace it. Pay attention to the hints your baby gives you  and then do what feels right. That’s the thing about advice and baby books – they are working for the ‘average’ baby… so while something might work great for your little one, another thing might be no good. And it’s okay! It’s OKAY! letters-to-a-6-months
Yesterday Sofia-Malou had avocado for the first time! It was a green messiness but she kinda liked it. So that’s the month for us to experiment with veggies and fruits she hasn’t tasted yet.
Until now she has tried potatoes, squash, carrots, and broccoli. I’ve decided to wait a month or so more until I give her meat. And no, she won’t be a vegetarian because of me. She can choose for herself one day when she can decide for herself.  So 6 months I’ve been listening to the advice of my mom and my friends, reading here and there, while also getting inspired by the Danish way of raising babies. And then I took this and that from all those different methods to create my own.
Now I’m off to prepare her lunch because I can feel she’ll  be awake any time soon!

And you? Have you started giving your little ones solids yet? Do you do it ‘textbook’ perfect or follow your mommy instincts?
Lots of love,

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