Road Trip Outfit

Ruffle Striped Top and Mini Backpack in Red

My style has changed a lot since I moved to Denmark. Back in the day I would go for bright and bold colours, but after only a few months in Denmark I began playing it safe, probably subconsciously doing my best to fit in the Danish minimalistic world. Well, with the days becoming longer and the sun shining bright, I decided that it’s time to shake up my style a bit and let my personality shine through my clothes. Thought my outfit is quite minimalistic – it’s my bag and shoes that make it pop.
I went for a ruffle striped top (1 and 2), ankle length high waist cigarette jeans, my funky mini suede backpack in red (here) and favourite leopard print boots. letters-to-a-accessoriesletters-to-a-bold-patternsBoohoo Ruffle Frill Top (here) and Comma Casual Identity Blouse (here) // Glamorous Ankle Boots – Alternative (here) // ASOS Suede Mini Backpack (here) // Sunglasses by Chanel (here) // Alternative to my jeans by Moss Copenhagen (here)letters-to-a-accessories2P.S. My favourite thing is combining patterns that are not really supposed to go well together. So when you feel that your outfit is a little bit too safe – just add a bold colour and pattern to make yourself stand out from the crowd.
And what’s your outfit of the day?


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