A Letter to Sofia's 16-Year-Old Self

Our Last Walk Down Lyngby Hovedgade

letters-to-a-movingThere is a lot things I will miss about Denmark…but the weather is definitely not among those things. Hehe.
It might be summer where you live, but here we’re still rocking our winter coats and heavy military boots. img_5401 French Connection Colour Block Coat (here) or Mango Pockets Wool Coat (here) // Zara TRF Bermuda Shorts (here) // Black Tee by Minimum (here) // Alternative to my boots by KIOMI (here) // Alternative to my bag by Pieces (here)  // Sunglasses by Quay Australia (here)

letters-to-a-philipYesterday the weather was indeed quite gloomy, all in tune with our reminiscent mood. We took our last walk down Lyngby Hovedgade to then hand the keys to our flat to its new owner. It was so bizarre saying ‘Hej-hej’ (Bye) to someone else that closed the door from the inside, with us staring at the blank space where Philip’s surname used to stand.
It’s like a breath of fresh air – an empty page, three people and a pen.
Let’s do some art.

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