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letters-to-a-familyBeing a first-time mommy has changed a lot of things for me and being stylish is one of them. It’s challenging enough for me to get ready to go out for a walk (changing diapers last minute, breastfeeding, trying to find my keys…mommy brain) so things like perfecting my make-up or choosing a cool outfit are now almost impossible tasks to perform.

During our stay in Bulgaria I took the advantage of Sofia Malou’s aunt and grannies volunteering to entertain her while I was getting ready to go to the city, and spent that extra time I had on figuring out what to wear (to match Philip) and do my make-up.
How vain, right?letters-to-a-family1Philip’s Outfit: Farah Jumper (here) // Only & Sons Blazer (here) //HUGO by Hugo Boss Skinny Jeans (here) // Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses (here) // Royal Republic Boots (here) or Zign Leather Boot (here) // Antoinette’s Outfit: Suncoo Freud Leopard Mini Skirt (here) // Vero Moda Knot Front Blouse (here) // Quay Australia Cat Eye Sunglasses (here) // Public Desire Ankle Boots (here) or Faith Solo Ankle Boots (here) // Jacket by Zara (here)

But that’s the thing. After giving birth my self-confidence has dropped A LOT, with me feeling quite insecure not only about my looks, but about that whole new mommy identity that I’m yet to learn how to carry with proudness. But the biggest impact that identity/confidence crisis has had is without any doubt on my relationship. Even though Philip and I are dealing quite well with the whole new situation, I’ve been getting frustrated and nagging about irrelevant things such as not having enough photos with him or that he had more photos with Sofia-Malou and his friends than with us three as a family. No wonder why Philip agreed to take a few street style photos with me in order to please me.
I was acting Cray Zey!letters-to-a-street-styleThe day before we left I noticed that the dark circles under my eyes had disappeared despite that I was still  breastfeeding full-time and taking Sofia-Malou with me every time we were out. But the fact that so many people were helping me take care of my little girl gave me enough of a break from my mommy duty.
Until all of a sudden I started missing the routine Sofia-Malou and I had established back home *rolling eyes*.
Yep, being a mommy is not an easy thing… I’m still trying to make sense of it… and I guess it will take more than 2 months to get there.
What about you and your confidence after giving birth? I’d also love to hear your thoughts on our choice of outfits.

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