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Some have a slight obsession with their clothes, others with the way they do their make-up. For me ? it?s always been the hair. Back in high school I?d backcomb it to such an extent that I?d end up looking like a Bratz doll? who am I fooling? Like a lollipop ? a petit body with a huuuuuge round ball placed on its top. Anyway…

As you?ve probably already guessed ? today we?re talking hair! And GUYS DO NOT leave just now! We?re talking your hair too in PART 2! 

So with the high school years and excessive backcombing left for good in the past and me embracing my natural beauty
while juggling quite a lot of things at the same time ? I’ve been quite often leaning towards the casual/hipster-ish – messy cinnamon bun and a comfy scarf kind of look (here). You know to make my mornings a bit more bearable… To change up things a bit, I’d sometimes swap the cinnamon
top-knot delicacy
with another cool and relaxed hairstyle, whose popularity has skyrocketed among celebrities and bloggers across the Globe. The half-up messy bun, peeps! And how could you not fall for it really? 
It takes no time to create and it?s as perfectly suitable for a business meeting as it is for a pilates class, wild night out, or your 9AM. 
The props you need: Unwashed hair (well yeah, the sexiest of hairstyles are achieved with the
dirtiest of hair
? TMI but just sayin?), a tiny hair bubble, and a few hair-grips
(shout out for the OCD-ers out there who would hardly bear any hairs leaving from their rightful place). 
So if you’re also ready to kiss goodbye the perfectly styled hair and show off a bit more of your funky side – then here you go a couple of tips for how to recreate that half-up sexy messiness.
I?d normally go for the half-up messy bun at least a day after I?ve last washed my hair. We?re going messy, right? If I haven?t planned anything fancy for the day, I?d spray some dry shampoo to achieve some extra volume and tuck the top of my hair up, leaving the rest of it fall just as it is.
However, if I’ve managed to crawl out of bad a bit earlier, I’d put some extra effort and spritz on my dry hair some sea salt spray (my choice: L’ORÉAL TXT It Tousle Waves Spray (here) nut any other would do). If you also have naturally straight hair you’ve probably noticed how difficult it actually is to achieve a puffy messy bun! The sea salt will add some texture to your hair and give it a tighter grip so that it doesn’t slip from the elastic. Then leave your hair in a bun for a few minutes – do your make up, have some breakfast and only then let your hair down, and tuck only half of it up. The final look is a sexy, beachy,  hipsterish type of hairstyle? scratch that –  a yummy ?surf chic? half-up top knot. 
And for the  rest of you lucky enough to have wavy or curly hair – skip the first step and use your natural texture to straight away create the half-up messiness.
However, If I’m to rock this hairstyle at a posh dinner party ? I?d use straighteners to curl the bottom of my hair in Victoria?s Secret?s way ? think wavy, loose, and sexy.
And if we talk early mornings why not put all of your hair up in a cinnamon bun before you snuggle under the duvet, so that when you wake up all you have to do is let the bottom of it naturally fall down. Then you’re all ready to roll and do your ‘top model’ appearance at your 9AM. 
P.S. An extra tip ? the Bumble and Bumble Thickening Hairspray (here) is my holy grail product when it comes to adding some extra volume and texture to my hair, especially when I’m to sport a half-up bun and only some of my hair will be worn down. 
And remember – it’s your choice how high your bun will be. Just experiment and see what works best for you. Me? I’m all in for the skyrocket high. 
And even though I’ve been talking mainly messy and wavy, you can also wear your half-up top knot with a perfectly straight hair. However, if you also have a square jawline like mine, then I suggest you stick to the loose waves which will soften your facial features.



Half-up messy bun? ? CHECK, now it’s time for the MUN (man + bun, get it?).
With the rise of the lumbersexuals and whole hipster culture (yes, metrosexuality is no longer in the limelight) it seems that man are now taking more and more advantage of style and fashion to do some bad a** gender mockery. Just think #Movember and the whole ?I?m growing a beard to prove how much of a man I actually am’ thing, when in fact you’re probably spending more time on your beard than your girlfriend on her hair – fact. And in reality we all know that wearing your hair long, short, or in a ponytail/ growing your bread, or shaving your legs ? won’t make you more of a ‘girl’ or a ‘boy’ that you already are.
So, before you condemn MUNS as way too feminine for you – think twice as the same way you see them as feminine in regards to the hair length they require, you might call the female ?half up messy bun masculine, in regards to how ?low maintenance? they actually are. So rather than completely discarding the possibility of ever growing your hair and giving the ‘MUN’ a go, let me tell you something  – they’re the IT freakin? fun and burning hot thing right now! Why?
Well, to pull off a MUN – a couple of things are required: boldness, confidence and EGO to say the least. Why? Coz you’ll be inviting not only the heterosexual female gaze, but also the one of the gay and heterosexual man.  And what I love most about it – you will be showing off your face similarly to the way you would when wearing your hair short ? with the only difference that you?ll be drawing much more attention to your manly neck and jawline. It?s like ? ? I could potentially hide what I have, but I choose to allow you see what I got. Talking about the perfect combo of androgynous style and hyper masculine attitude, of vanity and casual coolness.
If don’t consider yourself a stern traditionalists (regarding gender) and are all in to draw hell of a lot attention to you – then here you go a couple of things you should keep in mind. 
1. Keep your hair clean! There is nothing worse than a man with long and dirty hair. Even though MUNS should have this messy and cool feel to them, they actually do require some grooming practice! 
2. If you wanna add some manliness to your look – then a perfectly groomed beard it is! 

3. If you’re ready to try out this look ? I should warn you ? half-way between growing your hair long you’ll probably get sick and tired of the annoying mid-lengh you have to meanwhile deal with. Then – why not try the half-up man bun?
4. Aw, and what about going to work with a mun? Check out the guy below sporting the look with his D&G suit which I hope will help you forget the whole ?long hair is for sloppy hippies and rock and roll fans’ thing.


And you know what I find quite funny? People mocking the mun. Come on, people, we live in 21st century and have the unique opportunity to play around with fashion and style and tear down the stern traditional ideas regarding gender that our grandparents had to live up to. Seriously, the less you care – the more fun you will have. And why not take advantage of that?
So what’s your opinion on that trend?

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