‘365 Party’ And a Night Out Outfit

The Military Trend and Autumn Contemplations

The Military Trend and Autumn Contemplations

?Hello October!? Over the last couple of days, the cozy month?s been greeted more times than we?ve greeted each other. The hype surrounding the start of autumn has been tremendous and the promises that we?ll be changing our lives for the better – incessant. 

It?s actually quite convenient to patiently wait for the approach of something in order to announce your willingness to ‘change’. And when I?m saying this ? I don?t exclude myself from the
bunch of others who postpone fulfilling their dreams and instead choose to declare
them with pathos via their social media profiles or (on more rare occasions) in front of their buddies over a coffee.

I can clearly recall my thoughts during August when my activity online was quite poor and my blog posts quite infrequent. On quite a few occasions I justified my lack of motivation with the warm weather and holidays, which I?d planned. I was like ?Ah! It?s okay, dude! In September you?ll /your work will/ get back on track!?autumn_outfit_shorts
Well, September?s all gone and I’ve done nothing grand (or minor) to come closer to achieving my goals – one of which is launching my youtube channel. 
And while spending quite some time reading people’s cheerful comments (online) regarding their readiness to ?start over?, well, I did Laugh. Out. LOOUUUD! 
‘Start over’ what precisely? 

Postponing ‘life’ till next October?
Waiting for New Year?s Eve to draft new and more creative Resolutions, which will vanish with the evaporation of the alcohol from your system?
The other day Andrea of RosyChicc and I went for a walk in the park. We spoke about our plans and she asked me quite a few times about my Youtube channel we’d discussed on a number of occasions before. The words were rolling out of my mouth and I felt as if another one was speaking. The pitch of my voice had completely changed! It was no longer low-pitched and now when I mull over it – it was really on the verge of hysteria. I was once again justifying my inert behaviour and irrelevant worries… And it was so freakin’ easy making excuses.

But, hey, while excuses can always be made, time can never be brought back. With every passing second, I?ve been losing precious time in self-doubt, in fear that people would mock my accent, that I wouldn’t be able to come up with anything interesting to share with you on camera. 
And, come on! It?s autumn again. The season we so keenly associate with change.
Well, for a second while speaking to A., I did feel sick to my stomach. I was all done with postponing my ?dreams? and my life in this sense.


Even my outfit was shouting autumn (you know, change)! The khaki oversized
blouse (Alternative: Frankie Oversized Shirt ), beige shorts (AEO Midi Shorts), and gold brownish accessories (Michael Kors Bag and Topshop Gallop Patent Court Shoes )- I was a walking autumn tree, really.

So rather than waiting for fall to push me towards any direction, for the first time I choose to be the autumn myself. The change. Andrea was the person who encouraged me to create ?Letters
to Antoinette?; who gave me the primary (and most important) nudge. Ironically, she’s once again the one who reminded me that the success of my dreams depends solely on me.

Thank you, Andrea for the wake up call!
P.S. I’m not sure whether I’ve mentioned that before, but the thing is, I’m quite obsessed with wearing shorts which explains why I’m rocking a pair of Midi Shorts in October. And yes, I wear shorts all year round with transparent tights to keep my legs warm.
The Military Trend: The great thing about this trend is that you can nail it and still appear feminine by combining khaki with all shades of brown, beige, and gold. To prove the latter, I did that myself by mixing and matching the colours I’ve just mentioned. Be as bold as a soldier and don’t restrain yourself when combining the warm autumn colours. 
This season is all about the military, which I find a great metaphor for all of us ready to get rid of the pointless excuses and finally act. Ready to do that too?

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